1997 Ford Escort LX Wagon 2.0 SPI from North America


Good car if you know how to properly care for it


EGR valve the day I bought it at a used dealer, kicked the check engine light on as I drove off the lot!!!

Hoses hoses hoses... Replace all your vacuum lines and PCV valve... this will help the car greatly and cost was less than 20 dollars.

Water pump and timing belt need to be replaced.

The wheel bearings and lower ball joints, struts, strut mounts and springs need replacement.

The bulbs for all the lights burns out easily, but replaced all of them for under 20 dollars...

What it comes down to is this... all cars need TLC or they die. This thing runs like a champ. It just needs the normal wear and tear stuff to be replaced.

General Comments:

The glass from the factory sucks. The windshield is horrible, but my insurance replaces glass for free, so I will get that done soon.

Seats could be a little more comfortable for longer trips, but nothing I can't change in the near future anyway.

Only getting 28 mpg around town as I have to fix the above mentioned stuff, and I imagine I will be in the 30+ mpg realm shortly.

I figure about 600 dollars total for all above issues and some of my weekend time to fix myself, the car will be like new again.

Easy to work on, relatively cheap to buy parts... no brain-er. A to B transportation is why I bought it, and that is what I get out of it...

Owned it 2 weeks now and put 1000 miles on it... That says enough right there.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2009

1997 Ford Escort Ghia X 1.8L from UK and Ireland


Good cheap reliable car - but watch out for corrosion


Thermostat stuck open at 90,000.

Corrosion on rear arches and seals, which I had to removed and undersealed. I caught it early enough for it not to cause problems.

Rear chassis rails corroded badly and will need to be repaired before its next annual MOT test.

General Comments:

Very cheap to buy. Did not require any mechanical repair apart from thermostat. Service parts were very cheap.

Handling is not great but comfortable. Just don't try to push it through corners fast.

Biggest problem with Escorts is corrosion. Ford did not do a good job on this car. You need to keep on top of it or it can get bad quickly.

If you want a cheap run around, then it is perfect, but watch out for corrosion.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2009

1997 Ford Escort GTi 1.8i from UK and Ireland


Cheap, fun and reliable


I have had no major problems with this car. I have only had to replace the usual service parts and wishbones.

General Comments:

The car is a good reliable and fun car to drive, which is capable of 135 mph.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2009

8th Aug 2009, 12:11

Have you written this review purely to make the claim of 135mph for an Escort GTi? You have not put any real information about the car and that claim is beyond dubious, given I don't know of any other cars with 115bhp or less that can crack 135mph. Even with a low kerb weight, most cars need 150bhp or more to get upto that sort of speed.

1997 Ford Escort LX Wagon 2.0 Litre from North America


A budget-friendly and safe car for first-time owners


Timing belt replaced at 160,000kms.

Battery has to be replaced at 162,000kms.

Ball joints and bearings replaced at 165,000kms.

Brakes and rotors had to be replaced at 170,000kms.

Muffler replaced at 177,000kms.

General Comments:

Overall, my 1997 Ford Escort Wagon was a budget-friendly and safe car to drive.

Over a course of a year and a half, I drove this car mainly between two cities that were around 500kms apart (one-way). It did its job and it did it without any complaints. I was sad to see it go after an accident. But, it did what it was supposed to do when there is an accident - it protected its passengers and did it quite well.


1. Good interior window/car design allowing the driver a very good view of areas surrounding the car.

2. It seated 4 adults comfortably. No-one every complained that they did not have enough space in the front of in the back seats.

3. A lot of storage room compared to a sedan.


1. The seats were not the best for 5 hour rides, but were decent and acceptable with one or two rest stops on the trips.

2. The cupholders were not able to hold regular water bottles. Regular coffee mugs/cups were not a problem though. No cupholders in the back seats.

I would recommend this car to first time car owners that are looking for a starter car. Its purchase price should not be too expensive, and the maintenance costs are relatively low compared to similar models of similar years by other manufacturers. Of course, its resale value is not high, but if you're looking for a reliable and safe car, this is one of those.

Keep in mind that each car is a product of its previous owners. Owners that have neglected the car's maintenance schedule or treated the car harshly will likely decrease the life of the car. You should not use this guide as a definitive factor in deciding to purchase a 1997 Ford Escort. You should bring the car to a mechanic you trust before purchasing it.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2009