7th Jun 2004, 22:11

I do agree. But it all depends on what year escort you have. I have a 1995 5speed escort lx with spoiler and aluminum wheels. And I have a 1.9L engine which pumps out 119 horse power, and I get 28 in town and 34 on the road (with A/C), and sometimes going about 55-65 I will have to shift into 4th which runs me about 3600rpms, then back into 5th, on the interstate, roaming 75, I will only have to shift up on a couple hills, not much, and that's when the A/C is on cause that really sucks the power, and that runs me about 4000rpms and then I shift back into 5th which runs me 3000 to 3100rpms. And I don't have cruise control so it's kinda hard to maintain, but not much. But still the escorts are a little underpowered. But they are a great car!

20th Feb 2005, 19:01

I have a 1995 Ford Escort Hatchback coupe. Its not an LX, its just the regular two door hatchback. Ill tell you what, who ever thinks a Geo metro is quicker than the Escort is on drugs. I had a 1994 Escort LX Hatchback coupe about a year ago. It was the fastest Escort in my city!! I had the only souped up Escort in town. Until some one started copying me. These cars really make power when you add the aftermarket header pipe, and customize an intake pipe for these badboys. I've whaled on Escort GT's easily with my 94. I'm going to make this one even faster!!! I could even pick off some of the street racer hondas in my 94.

23rd Nov 2009, 19:18

I love my 1995 Escort wagon! I bought it in 2005 with only 16,000 miles (actual miles) and now in 2009 it's got almost 80,000 miles. The only thing I've had to have fixed was the head gasket at 25,000. I intend on getting to 150,000 at least before I let her go, and depending on the rust situation (none yet), I will probably keep fixing this car until it's not safe to drive. :)

15th Nov 2010, 22:24

Reliable, simple transportation. I am the second owner of this 1995 LX Hatchback for the past 10 years. Recently got an offer of $1,900 after putting an ad on CraigsList but had no intentions of selling, but only wanted to compute total cost of ownership for the past ten years. 21 cents per mile includes ALL vehicle related costs: Cost of vehicle (less 1,900) along with gas, maintenance and insurance/registration. I put 90,000 trouble free mile on this vehicle and it still runs flawlessly.

Why such a trouble free ride without any engine lights or other problems? Because it is well maintained, which includes regular fluid changes (brake, radiator, tranny, oil, power steering) along with replacing components before they fail.

The 15 year old exhaust and A/C have never been serviced and the vehicle finish has less orange peel than many, more costly newer cars.

I am convinced the only reason the Escort gets bad reviews is due to the fact many buyers of economy cars are not the most responsible owners and frequently avoid proper care.

There are only a few minor issues with the Escort: the tie rod ends were undersized for the car (typically requiring replacement every 40,000 to 50,000 miles) and Escorts frequently develop idle problems. My Escort is in showroom condition with 165,000 miles and I expect to have it around for another 5 years.

If there is another used car out there that only costs TWENTY ONE cents per mile to own/operate, I'd like to hear about it.