1995 Ford Escort LX Sport 1.9L from North America


Very reliable car with a minimum of problems


I had the usual Escort problems. The check engine light came on at about 25,000 miles and stayed on till I traded it at 127,000 miles.

The airbag warning light and beeper went nuts from time to time and the car was recalled for failing airbag deployment.

Also, I had an interesting problem with my Escort. Every October, I would have trouble starting it. It always ended up starting but sometimes it took a few tries. This only happened in October, mind you. The mechanic said it was the automatic choke but whatever it was, it was only a problem in October.

The timing belt broke at about 97,000 miles, which isn't bad because they're supposed to be good for about 75,000.

The right front brake caliper warped twice for unknown reasons. No one could figure this out.

One thing I hated about the car is that the interior is so incredibly cheap looking! But, it is an economy car.

Also, with 88 horsepower, the Escort has, I think the lowest available horsepower of any car. This is a car for those of you who are prone to speeding tickets :)

General Comments:

Overall, I loved my Escort and hated to let it go. But, the mileage was getting on up there with quite a bit left on the loan for it so I had to trade. By the way, Escorts also have practically the lowest trade value ever.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

14th May 2002, 16:27

I actually think that the Geo Metro has the lowest available horse power in 1995 with its 3 cylinder engines that came in the base coupe, It boosted a mighty 55hp from the 3 cylinders and the Escort develops 88 from its 4, I do however think that the Metro was quicker-

1995 Ford Escort LX 1.9 from North America


Very reliable, no power though


1) Radiator leak

2) Wiper switch malfunctions

General Comments:

This car is very reliable but the engine is not powerful enough for this car. It's OK on the start off, but if you are on the interstate and have a need to accelerate quickly you really can't, it just doesn't want to. Even to the floor nothing really happens if you are over the speed of 60mph, I suppose it might be the way the transmission is geared.

This car however is excellent on gas, especially on long trips. The seats however in my opinion are brutal, I always have lower back pain when I have to drive the car long distances.

Another thing that bothers me is the fact the A/C kills the cars power, my Festiva could easily out run this car anyday even with the A/C running.

It's been a very reliable car though so far, I would tell anyone wanting one though to go for the 5-speed cause the auto zaps all the power from the engine.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2001

9th Dec 2001, 17:54

The reason of the lack of power in the Ford Escort could be sensor failure.

The hego sensor function, when it has reached temperature and compared the outside oxygen and inside, then transmits a signal to the board computer, which turns up the fuel.

When the sensor fails, the engine tends to consume less than expected.

Also, the lack of power could be a signal that the Hego sensor need be replaced, but is better to check first.

The Ford Escort LX 92 is considered better than the 93 model.

The car is good for the price, with a good motor but the engineering is horrible.

To change simple parts, for example the passenger side relay, you need almost to disassemble the air conditioning, unless you have a small hand to reach inside small spaces.

The new models of Ford are even worst for servicing.

Ford doesn't expect you to service it at all, but change the car after 2 years, in the mean time the guarantee covers the service.

16th Jul 2002, 08:23

For the Ford Escort 95 LX, hatch I agree - I had to replace my radiator at 70K and the timing belt at 107K - but the car has been very reliable, although the interior details and paint job are cheap.