26th Jun 2003, 12:23

The escort eclipse is one of the best escorts around and I can second that its quicker than the nova and it is on par with a R5 1.4rt and my is only the 1.3 model.

4th Mar 2005, 08:26

The escort is an ideal little project car! I got one at the moment! its going for a full respray soon, and getting a re-con engine fitted! I've lowerd it 60mm. and its got full rs kit! 1.3 engine is a bit crap, but keeps your license clean. and it looks the business! classic!

23rd May 2007, 03:11

I've just swapped a 1995 M reg 1.4 CVH MK6 Escort for my 1990 MK4 Eclipse, & find that the Eclipse has a lot more go in it than the MK6. I've since fitted a set of Fox Racing 5 spoke's, a Big Bore 2 & a boot full of sounds. The more basic a car seams to be the better it is, all these ECU's & crap just cause problems, & cost mega bucks to put right in comparison.

9th Jun 2007, 14:44

I've owned one now for about a year, and they are awesome little first time cars! For a 1.3 they certainly do fly off the line, and I've even beaten a BMW 316i off the line! I'm sadly selling mine now :-( but only due to a need of a more modern car, I love this car and it will be sad to let it go :-( !

22nd Feb 2008, 18:11

Love this car, was and still is my first car and got it for £140! haha bargain, fast, reliable and cheat to run and insure.

13th Mar 2008, 05:45

Fast? You're all in a dream world.

I've just bought one to replace my Morris Minor.

The Minor was MUCH quicker at accelerating and had loads more mid range torque.

The Minor has a 1300 (MG) engine, the Escort has a 1300 engine. The escort even has FSH so I know its not knackered.

Yes, it's a great car. Comfy, quiet, nicely styled, but NO it most definitely is not a fast car.

4th Jun 2009, 16:52

Get an Escort with the CVH engine; beautifully smooth. 75bhp and 1.6 90bhp (carb model) 1.6i 110bhp. The Eclipse looks good, but the OHV sounds like a sewing machine. CVH all the way; more powerful and smoother.

14th Jun 2011, 16:48

But the OHV and HCS are a timing chain, and don't really need replacing, meaning much cheaper maintenance, and they're reliable. OHV/HCS all the way.