3rd Mar 2006, 13:26

OK, so I LOVE MY CAR! I'm not ready to give it up anytime soon. I can't afford to pay for it to get fixed so I'm tackling it on my own... but I'm having a few problems. The timing belt is a bit*h to put on.. There is nothing showing you how to line it up. I have taken it apart and put it back together 3 times now. I just can't figure it out! So, my Q is why isn't my gears turning at the same time I turn the motor, but my timing belt is? Is there supposed to be a delayed reaction like this or do you think there's something else wrong with the car besides the timing belt? If someone reads this soon, and knows the answer please get back to me, It's 2:45pm on March 3rd 2006.. I need some help! My e-mail is Futreisnow@AOL.COM

Please Help!

9th Jul 2006, 00:49

Like some of you who have posts regarding your Ford Escort ZX2, I am having trouble with it, but want to keep it. My air no longer works. I am trying to avoid costly services at the dealership. I have taken to a couple of locally owned shops, but they were unsure of the problem. We have ruled out the need for Freon. Any suggestions or thoughts? Please email me at lookingforfurniture1@yahoo.com. Weird address I know...

Distressed Lady with a ZX2.

6th Feb 2007, 23:32

I have a 99 zx2,and the only real problem I've had is that the a/c stopped working and never really found out what was wrong. Now I have problems sliding in the snow, but I think I need new tires. Recently the clear coat started peeling and I'm not sure why, but other than that it has been a good car.

13th Feb 2007, 15:16

Well I bought my SR with about 20,000 miles previously on it, and now I'm at a little over 52,000 miles and the transmission just went out. It does idle and shake like no other, but I still love the car anyways.

1st Jun 2007, 18:33

I bought my 2000 zx2 off the lot with 25 miles. I do minor driving to and from work and have 65k. In Feb my car started stalling out, then it refused to start unless I waited 1 hr or more. Then it died out on a very cold night in Feb. I had it towed to my mechanic, who kept it for a week, changed the plugs, could not get it to start. He suggested that I take it to the dealership. They kept the car for a week, replaced the flyplate and a solenoid, and $1,800. Now on 4/25 my car started stalling and refusing start again. Towed the car again to dealership, they could not replicate the stalling again. This time they flushed the trans, replaced the fuel filter, and $150.00. One hour later the car refused to start, towed back to dealership. I have now had a rental 1 month since they cannot find the problem.

Please help, as a teacher I will be in the poor house very soon.

Thanks to all.

29th Mar 2008, 00:13

Yeah, I own a 99 ZX2 and it's an auto, but I have low and drive; I have to shift it manually but I'm dropping a 5 speed in her. I bought the car with the jacked tranny for like 250; it's a sweet car. I love the Zetec motor, but hey cars break, that's why I make my money. I'm a mechanic.

9th May 2008, 18:24

Problem with my 2000 zx2, gas just started POURING out of the front area of the car under the engine. What on earth happened?

Any ideas?

1st Jun 2008, 10:28

I have a 2000 ZX2 that also had fuel gushing out of the engine. (Very disturbing when you're driving). Turned out it was only the fuel filter that got clogged. Replacing it was cheap and fairly easy (did it myself).

1st Sep 2008, 00:01

I have a 1998 ZX2 bought brand new. It has 400,000 km's on it, which is about 250,000 miles.

It starts and runs perfectly, has an auto trans --> no troubles.

I changed the alternator (bearing got noisy), struts, brakes, muffler normal wear items. Never had any trouble with the car -- never had any warranty work done. Been a great car.

Handles nice in the winter but you HAVE to buy winter tires --> Dunlop Graspic from Wally World aren't too bad.

Paint is getting pretty rough now so we use it as the winter car. Hoping to get at least 2 more years outta the old girl.

7th Oct 2008, 23:16

2000 s/r, check engine light comes and goes.

Low oil light comes on at idle.

Cam timing is not working. Don't know where it is so can't check it.

Get 30-35 mpg. Runs great.

30th Dec 2008, 11:45

I bought my 1999 ZX2 with 30k on it for less than 8k...has over 170k now! Always starts and is very reliable. I have replaced the AC, alternator, couple ball joints/tie rods, brakes every 2 years... but all in all this is a cheap car to keep on the road!

I do second the winter tire post! YOU MUST put winter tires on this car. I have Bridgestone Blizzaks on mine and cheap 15" all season tires for April-Oct.

I would buy again.

23rd Oct 2009, 02:22

When I wrecked my 94 Lebaron GTC I was crushed, I had driven many cars besides it, and nothing had the same feel.

While in search of a new vehicle, we did our research and saw ZX2s seemed to be worthy. We purchased a ZX2 with 132k on it and typical "used car problems", alternator (seems common), belt and tensioner and brake work.

We kinda bought this car in haste, and didn't see that we had bought an S/R.

Now that we knew we had an S/R, we did more research, and concluded this car was probably fast... oh boy.

I eat almost everybody I race, I only feed it plus or better octane, and I've upgraded the ignition.

After about 6 months, I was driving along calmly, and turned a corner, heard a bang under the hood and a rattle soon after.

I immediately pulled over to look things over, I saw no fluids, no motor problems, nothing. The steering was fine, so I decided to keep going home.

Long story short, I have either blown an output Bering, spider gear, or ring gear.

It drives and shifts fine, just rattles on a coast down.

All in all, I adore this car, I'd recommend them to anybody.

If you find an S/R, get it, it's well worth the money and it loves to go round corners.

I've topped at 135, and I run about 6 seconds to 60.