2000 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 liter from North America




I have a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2. It has 92000 miles, and lately I've been experiencing a weird problem.

Occasionally, but more frequently as of late, when I try to turn the key forward in an attempt to start the car, all the warning lights and everything come on as they should when the key is in the run position, but when I try to turn it all the way forward to start the car, all that happens is a short click noise.

I turn the key backward and try again, and still get the same result.

I have replaced both the starter and battery with brand new parts. Still the same issue occurs.

Any ideas?

General Comments:

Love the gas mileage on this car.

However, the unreliability is getting ridiculous.

I really would like it to start when needed.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2010

2nd Aug 2011, 23:37

It might be your ignition switch going bad.

24th Jan 2012, 23:29

Number 1, you can't really give the car a bad review because you bought from a used car lot, and now find that there is something wrong.

Number 2, replace the battery cable terminals and that will fix your problem. That is a maintenance issue, like changing the oil. Not a service issue, like a transmission or motor.

27th Dec 2014, 15:51

I remember that I had the same car and the same problem. Check the battery terminals or change them. It would fix the problem. Doesn't matter if you just change the battery, pay attention to this thing too. It should work.

2000 Ford Escort from North America


This is a great car!


For the first nine months of having the car, I had no problems. I loved the car!

About the tenth month of owning the car, I had to get new brakes. Which is common, brakes are not expensive, and with me driving on the highway, I didn't mind that.

After the brakes got fixed, the wheel bearing had to be fixed.

Other than those two incidents, the car has been fine. I would recommend this car to anyone that is a beginner driver or wants to save money on gas.

And the space of the car is small, but the car is not for a family. I still had enough room to move to and from school.

General Comments:

The car has great speed.

The cops overlook Escorts, so speeding is no problem.

It is very easily to handle the vehicle.

For back seat passengers, they do not have much space.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2010

2000 Ford Escort ZX2 Coupe 2.0 from North America


Generally a good vehicle


My timing belt jumped time, and the lights flicker sometimes.

General Comments:

This is a great car, no matter what anybody says. Enjoy it while you've got it. They'll be gone soon. And by the way, the rough idle is the way the car is made, only if it's a standard.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2010

2000 Ford Escort ZX2 SR from North America


An awesome car


The only things bad that I have seen with this car have been the timing belt, the serpentine belt and the clutch. All fixed, and it runs like a champ.

General Comments:

I love this car. Never liked Fords till this last year. But I love my ZX2 SR. I really have nothing to say bad about it.

It handles like I like it. Smoke the doors off anybody. And as for the idle, someone may have not found a fix for it yet, but everyone that has said that they hate the idle; there's something wrong with yours because mine only does it when we have ran the car all day, and only at a stop.

Other than that, I love the gas mileage that it has, and the fact that it is a sporty car, but has the mileage I like as well.

All in all, this is a good car. Plus the 00 ZX2 SR is just about a rare car to find anymore.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2010

19th Dec 2017, 00:58

That idling issue isn't really an issue at all... it has lopey high-performance cams compared to the Zetec engine in the Focus. You sacrifice some smoothness for more acceleration, especially if you have the S/R.