2000 Ford Escort Finesse 1.6 16v Zetec from UK and Ireland


Among the few remaining classiest looking and performing Escorts left


None yet.

General Comments:

Escort drives like new, even though its done almost 54,000 miles.

Very good on fuel.

Very quiet and refined; makes a beautiful purring sound in second gear at low speed!

Surprisingly nippy for a 1.6; easily outpaces the sportiest of boy racers at the lights!

Dodgy image is greatly improved when Escort is in metallic Moondust silver with 3-spoke SI alloys and rear spoiler like mine.

Mine being the Latest model means it has factory 3rd brake light and digital mileage counter (2000 on).

Just as good as the Focus, but just lacks rear space.

Could do with remote alarm to add to the central locks too, But I can have that fitted!

I've owned a later shape Escort Ghia before on N plate, drove excellently even after 135,000 miles.

So I'm certain I'll have very few problems with my V reg Finesse.

Only thing I resent is that Escort suffers very unfairly from depreciation having been replaced by Focus.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2003

2000 Ford Escort ZX2 from North America


Great car for the price


There is a little bit of vibration when the car is idle.

Rear defroster works slowly.

A little bit of wear on the leather wrapped steering wheel.

General Comments:

It is a nice car.

It runs very smoothly and quietly.

Has a nice sound system.

Perfect for high school/college/non-married persons.

Good pickup, not much get up and go like a normal sports car would have. Normal pickup compared to sedans.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2003

2000 Ford Escort zx2 SR 2.0 ztec from North America


A great Civic killer


In the first 12000mi I have had the transmission replaced 2 times. At 24000mi I had the throw out bearing replaced. The molding on the window is starting to fade.

General Comments:

I love this little car. My first 4cyl car that I have ever owned. this car has been beat to death. I have taken this car to various road courses around the east coast and it has impressed me every time. the best thing that they put in this car that is not well known is it has a fluid locking diff in the transaxel. so when you take off you're not spinning one wheel at the line.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2003

2000 Ford Escort finesse 1.6 zetec from UK and Ireland


Fully equipped


Nothing, no squeeks, rattles, bangs, engine is still clean

General Comments:

A cracking car, quite nippy if a little petrol thirsty. brakes and steering are excellent, gear shift is nice apart from a bit of resistance, holds itself well on the road.

Also very good on safety, trust me if you want to keep safe, buy this car.

The car handles very well around corners and doesn't really loose grip, the 15 inch finesse alloys look extremely nice and the body styling is excellent. the interior is well built, arm rest in the back, CD player, good speakers, air conditioning, ford built the last escorts with everything in them and it really shows.

Visibility is extremely good, mirrors well placed, instruments easily reachable.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003

31st Mar 2003, 05:04

I found this quite the opposite.

Between First and Second there is a humming noise when the clutch is down. I looked into it and found no faults, but did find that when stationary with the clutch pedal down that it makes the same noise at 1800rpm.

While driving around at speed I found that the grip is quite bad. The word 'Under-steer' wouldn't come close.

Various cabin rattles. Suspension creaks when going over speed bumps and fuel economy not a strong point.

On the other hand on the motorway it cruises as well and as quietly as a VW.

I'd still go for a Focus though.

27th Aug 2006, 03:47

1.8tdi Great little car very easy to run and maintain. One drawback that I would have is that it would be the fastest car up through the gears.

31st May 2007, 14:24

I have found my W reg 1.6 Escort Finesse to be excellent, it is silver and has a nice sporty look.

I have had it for 5-6 years now and not had a problem with it, until recently it has started making a quiet ticking noise from the engine or the exhaust.

But it is due to go in for service so I am hoping that will solve it. Other than that I have been very happy with it.