16th Feb 2003, 16:48

I also own a sport EFi, and on the whole I'm pleased with the car, despite the repairs I've had to do.

However, I'm still having starting problems with mine. Any suggestions? (Bearing in mind I've replaced the alternator and starter motor. The battery has also been tested twice, and both times proved to be OK, with no wires earthing out anywhere).

17th Feb 2003, 04:06

Author of original review:

I have just encountered starting problems, this first happened after a long drive (120 miles), it got to my destination fine, but when it was time to leave it just wouldn't fire up. I had recently had a new battery and alternator and I could here the starter motor trying to crank the engine. Eventually I got it tow started and returned home (120 miles) without a problem. The next day after just leaving my house I stopped to pick up a friend and the engine stalled, it wouldn't turn over again or tow start. My mechanic checked the car and found that the fuel pump was not turning on when the ignition was, they replaced the relay for this and everything seemed fine. The next time I filled up with fuel (a few hundred miles later) it wouldn't start again, I called my mechanic again and they checked the relay, and again tried tow starting to no avail. I left it with my mechanic and they scratched their heads for a week and put the cause of the problem down to the fuse board, this part would cost about £300 plus VAT new so they tried to source a second hand part, but as this model is quite rare they couldn't find one. They have now bypassed this and linked the fuel pump directly with the ignition. All fine for now. Although my car has relatively low mileage (78k), a full service history, still looks good and I still enjoy driving it, the amount of problems I have encountered has made me want to sell it.

1st Feb 2012, 06:55

The Escort S EFI injection was my first car in 1997; a red one with RS body kit. I loved it so much.

I also had starting problems when I first got it. It went into the Ford dealers, and they said they cleaned the points, and it solved the problem for the 5 years I owned it.