23rd May 2008, 15:12

Noise is a topic for you guys. For about $50 bucks and a bit of work you can reduce engine noise significantly. I did this with our Contour. Buy a roll of insulating material at the Napa parts store and cut it so it will fit the underside of the hood. Fasten it to the hood with plastic fasteners. It made a significant and worthwhile difference for us.

28th Sep 2008, 01:24

Hello again Escort drivers. I wrote this original review of our 1999 Escort SE Wagon. My wife and I sold the car after driving about 50,000 trouble free and enjoyable kilometers. We were very sorry to see it go when it sold about 14 months ago.

In fact so sorry, that we are going to go and pick up another wagon in two days time! This fine Escort is a 1998 SE wagon (identical to the 1999), and it is in as new condition with 71,000 KM on the clock (43,000 miles). Our 99 wagon was also in mint condition and was a dark brilliant green colour with a multi-toned grey interior. The 98 is a dark red with a tan/beige coloured interior. Very nice indeed.

After we sold the 1999, we purchased a 1996 Honda Odyssey van. I certainly will not go as far as stating that this was a horrible mistake, however we enjoyed our little Escort wagon more in just about every way. Now, Honda is known to build a fine product, and they do... but there is something about these Escorts that is so appealing. They are simple, attractive, utilitarian vehicles that are extremely reliable and inexpensive to purchase, maintain and operate on a daily basis. I dare say that we are happy that the Honda is gone and that we will replace it with the 98 shiny red Ford.

Our 99 had an automatic transmission, whereas the 98 is a 5 speed manual. The auto was good on fuel, however I am looking forward to even better fuel efficiency with the manual gear box. Happy and safe Escorting all, and I shall report back with our 1998 experience!