26th Oct 2001, 23:43

I bought an 88 GT back in April '01. I still have it and even though it needs to be timed, the car roasts the p205/55/r15 Pirelli's that are on it.

Many people sleep on my baby until they hear my racing muffler and stereo from a good distance off. People like testing those cars because it's an Escort, but they usually learn pretty fast how evil those cars can be... I love my baby Mustang and wouldn't give it up for the world. By the way, she has 168,000 miles on her and runs like new...

20th Jan 2002, 19:56

I began looking for a car about 8 months ago. I was looking for something that was cheap and would last at least a couple of years, that's when I saw this baby and immediately fell in love with it. I bought it with 228000 miles, now has about 235000 and still runs like new. Only had to replace minor parts because of age and rust.

I also crashed on a dirt road at about 50mph - went over a rock and took a 3 foot diameter stump clean out of the ground, all I had to do was open the trunk, push the emergency fuel shut off switch and she started right back up and ran fine.

If you're looking for a reliable car that almost never gives you trouble, see if you can find one of these, even if you have to put a little money into it... believe me it's worth every dollar!

...and it smokes 2001 Honda Civics, take my word for it :)

9th Oct 2003, 20:51

I had an '88 Escort EXP with headlights that retained water. What I did was drill a small (1/16) drain hole in the bottom corner. The hole was too small to be noticeable.

4th Dec 2003, 22:32

I just bought me an 88 Escort GT and I think it's awesome! I got it for $750. I haven't really found any problems with it at all! Nothing leaks nothing has had to be replaced so I guess it's a great car. With just a little over 150k miles it's still really nice! The interior is spotless except for a couple of cracks in the dash. The only problem with the car is the paint. It has rust in a lot of places that would be nice not to have it. It's bubbled up in parts around the wheel, but other than that I love it.

18th Apr 2013, 16:42

I would love to purchase a used 1988 Ford Escort. I had one back in 1988-1993 and I LOVED it.