28th May 2011, 22:15

Do you have a comments on the new Ford Everest 2011's performance? I am in a choosing stage between the Everest and Fortuner. What would you recommend if you were in my position?


2nd Jul 2011, 17:30

Everest... low price but high quality.. :D.

25th Aug 2011, 10:13

For model choose Fortuner, for safety choose Everest :D.

19th Sep 2011, 02:14

Please help me. Of the Escape and Everest, which is the "better buy", given the price difference between the two?

Between an Everest and CRV. which is the "better buy"?

25th Sep 2011, 01:50

I would recommend the Everest any day of the year. With its 2.5 litre engine and accommodating gas consumption, you surely have a deal. I am the proud owner of a 2006 Ford Everest, and to date the only reason that it goes to the mechanic, is to be serviced. THAT IS THE KEY, SERVICE ON TIME AND REGULARLY.

10th Oct 2011, 09:06

For city car use, choose a CRV. For adventure or bad road conditions, choose an Everest.

22nd Oct 2011, 05:33

I am the original owner with another update on my Everest. 18 months since my last review, and the only work has been the oil changes. Nothing has gone wrong with this vehicle, and I still love it. The diesel is a fantastic power plant!

17th Mar 2012, 11:18

I had a 2010 Everest. I like the model compared to the Fortuner; it's more handsome... Try to choose an auto one. The TDCI engine is quite reliable, and the power is about 146bhp. I bought a Racechip Pro; just an easy way to get 185bhp with a K&N air filter.

Front brake pads must be upgraded by using Trestor brand, and you can get a much better feel.

Shock absorbers must be changed with a softer type; it's too stiff, especially for rear passengers.

In Indonesia, the Fortuner only has 105hp as standard, but with a D4D engine you can modify it easily to more than 300 BHP by using piggyback ECU shop (Thailand)...

14th Nov 2013, 09:34

Last year I bought an 2010 Everest 2.5 TDCI 4x2.

So far it has been very reliable apart from one u-joint that needed replacing.

A couple of things bother me slightly though:

1) The brakes are undersized, and at 150kph it's a nightmare to stop the car.

2) The rear suspension is too stiff; someone mentioned here to alter the shocks, so I would like to know what to put in.

3) Performance on open roads could be better. I'm looking into an intercooler upgrade and performance chip; I was thinking about the Racechip Pro2.

In general, it's a good and reliable car with modest fuel consumption. I get between 9 and 10 lt/100km with quite a heavy foot.

The interior is very roomy and the double A/C is superb.

9th Apr 2014, 10:44

Driving the Everest is really a wonderful experience. It is comfortable for long drives, even on bad roads.

I am driving 2013 model 4x2, 2.5L diesel manual transmission, but mine stalled at 15600km. I just don't know what happened, the check engine light flashed and it slowed down until it stalled. Had it towed from Tanay to Manila, then towed again to the nearest Ford dealer. The battery got discharged because we tried to start it several times. The dealer changed the fuel filter because they thought it was dirty, but it wouldn't start still. They checked the cam-shaft sensor, but it was working. Then they reprogrammed the computer box, had it on test drive, and it stalled in their care.

When we were called to pick it up, my brother took it home, but it stalled some 200 meters before it reached our house. Ford towed it back to the dealer.

I was satisfied with my Everest until this happened. Now I am thinking of sending it back to the dealer for a possible unit replacement. Any advice please?

18th Jul 2016, 03:14

I'm using a Ford Everest, and heard a loud noise every time a put a brake, it sounds like metal on metal. It was very uncomfortable for me while I'm driving. Any suggestion?