2000 Ford Excursion Limited V10 from North America


Would buy another one today if they still made them


Oil pressure sending unit, 21.00 dollars.

Alternator, 119.00 dollars.

General Comments:

I love it.

The ultimate family machine.

It can tow anything.

Wish they still made them.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2015

8th Apr 2015, 17:11

The Excursion was built through 2005. They are still readily available on the used car market. If you're not buying new, what difference does it make if they don't build them anymore?

2000 Ford Excursion Limited V10 from North America


A Money Pit


Threw an engine bearing at 102000 miles. That was $6000.

Front window leaked, had to reseal.

Rear window washer hose disconnected and pumped washer fluid all over the place.

Had to replace all 4 brakes/rotors at 102000 miles. $1000.

Driver's front seat heater is inoperative.

General Comments:

Will not buy another 2000 Excursion. Might consider a 2005 diesel. Read the forums on the common problems, and you will have them too.

Leaky front window, V10 blown, rear window washer line, very heavy vehicle - is hard on brake pads, front seat heaters burn out.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2011

2000 Ford Excursion Limited 7.2L turbo diesel from North America


Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world except for another one


Since November of 08, this car has been in the shop at least once a month.

Had a massive oil leak, seals had failed.

Diesel leak, gasket had failed.

Transmission fluid leak, seal had failed.

Alternator failed.

Batteries failed.

Power steering fluid leak.

Thermostat failed.

I don't blame Ford or the car for these issues, the truck had 92,000 miles on it upon purchase and I beat on it pretty hard from June to August; these have just been aggravating annoyances that come with vehicle ownership.

General Comments:

For the size of this vehicle it handles like a dream, very quick turning, braking and accelerating.

Towed extensively with it for two months, had no problems towing. The truck pulled the 28' auto trailer like it wasn't even their. Through the sizzling heat of the south to the mountains of Colorado, the truck never seemed to show even a hint of stress.

The cabin is very open and comfortable; with the back seat removed and the mid cabin seats folded down, you can fit a mattress in their for those long hauls.

After driving this vehicle, I cannot see myself ever downgrading to something smaller or going back to a gasoline engine.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2009

2000 Ford Excursion LX V10 from North America


I wish Ford still manufactured them


The door plungers won't operate by the switch.

General Comments:

This is a comfortable vehicle for a family of seven.

The fuel mileage isn't as bad as everyone says.

I live in a mountainous region in Northern California. My Excursion has a 6" lift with 35x12.50x17.tires, and handles corners like sports car!

I have the V-10, so I purchased a Hyper-tech system and had the dealer reprogram the shift pattern and fuel grade. I also added a 3" cat-back exhaust system with a flow-master and the mpg shot from 9-10 to nearly 14 mpg on average! And yes, the tire size was factored in. This was calculated by dividing actual miles traveled by gallons of fuel used. Not by using the on-board computer (I don't trust those things), and the total cost for upgrades was under $800!.

I owned a 1997 Chevy Suburban prior to my Excursion, and got the same mpg without the curb appeal or power.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2008

2000 Ford Excursion Xlt V10 from North America


Nice Truck, but if your towing get the diesel


Nothing really. I did have the knob come off the headlight switch. was 4 bucks at the local dealer. The power door lock on the passenger side wouldn't go up or down. The driver side window would work when it wanted too. The power mirror on the pass side would sag down.

But Nothing Bad, Mostly stuff you would expect from a use high mileage truck.

General Comments:

This was a really nice truck. It would be perfect for a large family that need to travel. Got OK mileage for a big V10 (around 12 intown and 15 on highway) But when pulling a trailer!!!With a overdrive off This TRUCK WILL DRINK GAS you won't get better that 6 mph pulling. So if you looking to pull get the diesel.

Other than that it drove nice and really impressed me for a High mileage use truck.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007