2004 Ford Excursion XLS 6.0 TD from North America


Too bad they will stop making it, maybe GM will come out with a Diesel Suburban soon


The ABS/Brake light came on at about 10,k miles and took it in to the dealer. They said that there was a sensor error, but nothing was wrong with it when they looked at it. They turned it off and it came back on about 500 miles later. Took it back and they replaced the sensors. No other problems since!

General Comments:

Bought it to haul the kids and toys. Am surprised how good it is on fuel. Went to TX to visit family (from Michigan) and managed to get 20mpg on the open road! Around town it seems to do as good or better than my old Jeep Gr Cherokee! Nobody believes this, they only look at the size and assume it gets single digit MPG. It is also pretty fast (for its size). While it was in the dealer for work, they gave me an Excursion loaner for the day with the 6.8L V10 and it seemed slower off the line and more sluggish around town. Now that the wife is used to the sound of the diesel (and the wait before starting, she does not think twice about it!

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2004

17th Jun 2005, 12:10

I believe GM has been making a diesel suburban for some time now. You may want to look into it a bit more, but I'm pretty sure I've seen them around.

3rd Nov 2005, 21:09

Diesel engines in Suburbans have been built since the early 1980's.

26th Nov 2006, 21:07

Regarding the availability of diesel suburbans; there hasn't been a diesel suburban available from General Motors since the 1999 model year suburban. There are ways you can get a newer diesel suburban through some custom shops online that can customize a newer suburban by adding a Duramax engine to them though. I wish there was a diesel suburban though; I would've bought one any day over the diesel Excursion I just bought last week... Come on GM let's get your act together!!