24th Feb 2007, 13:06

No one with any towing experience (real towing: 10,000 lbs or better, not towing your lawn mower on a little cart) would EVER "drive with one hand" while operating such a large and heavy vehicle amongst traffic. If you are unable to operaye at this level, a smaller vehicle and smaller load may be more appropriate!

5th May 2008, 00:16

Boys, I have a 2000 Excursion TDI 4x4 and I have a 72"x52" tilta rack stuffed into my hitch, which weighs 200lb, and then I put my 650lb Kawasaki 400 4x4 Prairie on it. That makes 850lbs hanging out in the breeze. I tried this with other SUVs and they sway and shift at 60mph, and the headlights, light the top of the telephone poles, if you know what I mean.

I also hook it to my 16 foot stock trailer and loaded four horses in and go down the road at 75 mph to rodeos. This truck does it all; winter hunting and all spring and summer rodeoing. I forgot to mention I live in Staten Island New York, that's part of NYC. And that's no lie!!

24th Mar 2013, 16:32

My 2001 2-wheel drive Excursion with 362,000 miles just pulled a friend's beat-up stock trailer with 2 Jersey moms and 3 calves from SD to south-west MO in a horrible cross-wind storm. Also on board was enough home-made fuel to complete the entire round trip (averaged 16 MPG). Cruise control was set at 70 the whole way, never an issue with anything. Worst part was hauling the trailer up there in the wind empty!

I would suggest your vehicle is poorly maintained, or in need of some repair, or perhaps just owned by a dyed-in-the-wool Chevy lover. That's OK, this world has room for all of us. My friend I took for the livestock purchase has a Suburban he loves dearly, and regularly curses my Excursion. Truth is, he knows why he had me drive him; the Burby would never have made it!

Cheers, Y'all

25th Mar 2013, 13:10

I certainly don't question the reliability of the Excursion. It's a Ford, and Ford is currently the most reliable car company on Earth. I do, however, think it is just too darn big!!