1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 from North America


A great vehicle if you don't need 4 wheel


The only 2 things I can really complain about this SUV are:

The four wheel drive system really sucks. The electronic system always seems to fail and I don't understand why Ford never recalled them due to this problem.

The second problem I have is the weak bumper system they have; if you try to rent a trailer from U haul, they will not allow you to use the Explorer to pull it.

General Comments:

The Explorer is really comfortable and handles great.

The gas mileage is actually good compared to the Broncos and Blazers.

The engines are really dependable.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2008

1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 from North America


Very good, reliable vehicle


I would have to say this truck has been great, with the exception of the previous owner ripped the A/C lines out, and the truck needed a rear parking brake cable and a battery. Then again, for 114000, cables will go bad.

Put a clutch and pilot bearing in at 114000 due to the previous owner (first time owning a standard).

I am having a problem with the 4wd. I think the locking hubs are bad. Not too sure though.

General Comments:

For a truck of its size, it handles very well. I can drive down the highway with one finger, and after putting a Series 40 Flowmaster exhaust system on her, the truck is rather snappy, and has no problem spinning a tire.

The interior is nice and spacious. The seats are comfortable, and the dash is set up nice.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2007

1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L Cologne V6 from North America


It grows on you like the rot growing on the rocker panels.


My parents purchased the vehicle from a shop, which reconditioned the vehicle after it was totalled by the original owners. Several weeks after the purchase the transmission "exploded" while shifting out of park on the hill outside of our house. At the time I did not own the vehicle and I use the term "exploded" because I go only by the description provided by my brother and sister after the incident. However, the area outside of our house which might be called "ground zero" provided significant evidence of a detonation of destructive power. However, to be fair to the old girl, it was used for the first ten years of its life primarily as a mule for a 25 foot boat. Also, from what I have read the four speed automatic transmissions are prone to failure at mileage in excess of 100,000. The repair cost for a rebuilt transmission ran about $1,800 I believe.

My parents also replaced the passenger side radius arm bushing. I believe that cost about $200.

Since I was donated the vehicle by my parents in 2004, as a winter beater ('79 Firebird in the summer), several more things have failed.

The radius arm bushing on the driver side has deteriorated resulting in a "loose" feeling in the front end and a popping sound when the brakes are applied and released. This is caused by axle-wrap, which is annoying, yet not serious, and is nothing I will be paying to have fixed.

The four wheel drive is inoperable. Failure of the shifter motor on the transfer case is common due to a deteriorated internal stop gumming the connections. However, after removing this and rebuilding it myself I unfortunately determined that this was not the problem and instead the auto locking hubs were destroyed. Another item I will not be fixing. 4X4 does work if in dire need, however, it is not pretty.

Several other small common items have needed to be repaired or replaced since I have owned the vehicle:

Brakes: front and rear, entire exhaust system, starter (twice), a stuck thermostat, rusted transmission lines (in and out), and the oil pressure gauge failed (A few scary days until I resolved that it was just the oil pressure sending unit).

Also, there is the standard Ford Explorer copyrighted extreme rocker panel rust. Also a little rust on the roof and lip of the hood. However, the floors and wheel wells are surprisingly spotless.

General Comments:

The 1992 Ford Explorer is no rocket ship. In fact my first impression of the vehicle (ignoring the bright red interior) was "I could probably walk faster". However, it holds its own on the highway.

What it lacks in speed it makes up for in comfort and quality. The seats are tremendously comfortable and the dash lay out is pleasing and functional. It shifts smoothly, vision is excellent, space is ample (the rear seats fold flat, there is not one blemish anywhere in the interior, and nothing has cracked, fallen apart, or failed. It has style and still shows as it did when it rolled out of the factory in '92.

The gas mileage is poor, however, normal for its age and weight, and the 4.0L Cologne V6 is an excellent engine that has never once let me down.

I occasionally beat on the vehicle, as I feel it is my civic duty being 18-21 years of age owning the vehicle. However, I regularly change the oil (synthetic) and check all fluids and tire pressure regularly.

It may sound as if this car has been nothing, but a nightmare, however, the annual cost to own it, including the 3000 purchase price my parents payed, sums up to less than what they say one should expect to pay in new car payments or used car repairs. Also, it's still going strong and I expect it to last me through college... so long as I do.

Problems to look out for if you own or are planning on purchasing a first generation explorer:

Failure of the 4X4 due to the power motor on the transfer case (can also help you score an explorer for cheap if you know what to look for).

Rust evidence on the rockers, window motor failure, radius arm bushing failure, and clogging of the mass air flow sensor (if getting very poor gas mileage or rough idling)

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Review Date: 12th February, 2007

3rd Jul 2007, 22:07

Wow! I can relate very much to this review. my explorer has also had similar problems, but how the reader titled, it does "grow on you". although I do have another vehicle that has replaced it I still completely miss driving my explorer on a daily basis.

7th Jul 2007, 23:51

Wow! I too have had all the same problems with my Explorer. I can add to the list with the brakes going out at 40,000 miles and the intake manifold gasket having to be replaced. Now have to replace the transmission. Owned it since 1993 and it's still a good ole SUV with 142,000 miles on her. Will pay the repair bills and drive it into the ground to avoid car payments. I'll miss her when she finally dies tho.