1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L from North America


Good Value and Very Reliable


Mileage is approximate.

A/C compressor siezed at 100K.

4x4 failed to engage at 100K.

Driver seat back broke. Replaced with a junk yard sourced seat at 110K.

Transmission required rebuild at 120K.

Required new brake master cylinder at 135K.

New ball joints at 135K.

Rear wiper spray washer stopped pumping fluid at 140K.

Heater/AC fan burned out at 140K.

Interior door handles broke off at about 140K, replaced with new handles from Ebay.

Power windows and locks only work from the driver side console since 150K.

New Front rotors at 150K (my fault actually).

Starter replaced at 150K.

O2 sensor unit replaced at 150K.

New radius control arm bushings at 155K.

General Comments:

This has been a wonderful machine. It may seem like there were a lot of problems, but it has actually been very reliable. I bought it for $10K in 1998 with 70K miles. It left me stranded once because the battery terminals had loosened and it wouldn't start. They needed a good cleaning and reattachment and I was off. When the starter failed, it failed in my own driveway (the luck!). The transmission is a known weakness, it can't handle the power of the engine and they do wear out. A rebuild cost me $800. There can also be a "shimmy" at highway speeds (around 60). I found after I replaced the ball joints this went away.

I drove too long on worn pads in front which required me to replace the rotors. I have abused this car and taken it for granted. My other cars are all old, one a classic antique, and this one does regular duty and often gets ignored, but keeps running. It has a fair amount of rust on the rocker panels which seems typical of these trucks, but for its age and that it has not been garaged it makes sense. The paint quality has held up and with a wash and wax it looks great. The dash has no cracks and all the power things work, but only from the driver side console. The seats can be a little uncomfortable on long drives. Mine are cloth covered and are not power adjustable.

Overall I have been very pleased with this car. I would not buy a newer model Explorer and I wouldn't need another old one. This car was the right car for me at the right time and continues to come in handy. The only thing I would do to make it better would be to put in manual locking hubs for reliabilities sake. In 1992, this was a pretty advanced system, but age does what it does. Overall, this machine has tolerated a lot of abuse and will not be destroyed.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2006

1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 V6 from North America


A very dependable vehicle


Replaced starter at 150000 miles.

Horn would start honking on its own while turning the steering wheel at 160000 miles.

Replaced auto front hubs with manual lockouts at 198000 miles.

General Comments:

This has been a very good SUV for me.

As with any 4x4, regular maintenance is essential and required.

Gas mileage varies between 15 and 20 MPG, depending on speed and believe it or not, how windy it is.

Not a serious 4x4, more of a grocery getter, or soccer mom type. With aggressive tires, it does go through the snow very well.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2006

1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Gasoline from North America


A useful, but costly beast


Mileage is approximate to within 5,000 miles.

100,000 Stock tires replaced by recall.

100,000 Stock "premium" speakers replaced after being reduced to dust over just 7 years.

100,000 Clutch on air conditioner compressor failed.

110,000 Transmission was rebuilt.

110,000 Radiator was replaced.

115,000 Tie rod ends replaced.

120,000 Arm rest broke off, replaced with metal reinforced OEM unit.

120,000 Discovered 4wd not working, replaced auto locking system with manual.

120,000 Horn replaced.

130,000 All new hoses and belts- old ones were dry rotted and leaking.

130,000 Brake booster replaced.

130,000 Radiator side pumps replaced.

135,000 Driver's door handle broke off.

135,000 Radio stopped working, replaced with after-market unit.

150,000 Most of suspension was replaced.

150,000 Starter failed.

150,000 Alternator replaced.

150,000 Battery Replaced.

155,000 Transmission rebuilt again.

160,000 Rear washer pump replaced.

160,000 Fuel pump replaced.

160,000 Rear window lifters replaced.

160,000 Starter Solenoid replaced.

160,000 Driver's power window ceased to work.

170,000 Rear window wiper stopped working.

180,000 Most power steering components replaced.

180,000 Some steering linkage parts needed to be replaced so we scrapped the vehicle.

General Comments:

Nothing inside the engine ever required service. The body panels were very sturdy, and the interior build quality felt solid.

This is the only domestic car I've ever owned, so I'm not sure if this is typical of cars made in America. However, neither my Camry nor my MX-5 nor my 1988 Toyota Pickup ever had this many problems.

Steering was very loose and the vehicle was almost uncontrollable when it hit potholes.

I never felt like the vehicle was going to roll over as many people have commented about Explorers.

It was a safe vehicle, and never left me stranded, but the cost to keep it running eclipsed the $6,200 price we initially paid within the first few years.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2006