1995 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 V6 from North America


A completely miserable thing to look at, drive and work on


Driver's seat was decimated when vehicle was purchased.

Electronic console continually gives false errors (wish I could turn it off).

Sun roof leaks.

Electric windows barely work (sometimes it works, most of the time it does not).

Won't stay aligned. (eats tires ALMOST as bad as gas)

Been through at least three transmissions that I know of.

Had to completely replace the transfer case. (rarely ever use the 4wd)

Rear doors won't open from the inside.

General Comments:

Gas guzzler extreme.

Underpowered to the max.

Steering is loose and it likes to pull to the right.

Hurts the back to ride in it for more than 10 miles.

Shiny paint (it's in the shop too much for any sun exposure to fade the paint.)

Everything that needs to be fixed is usually buried and a pain to get to.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2007

1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 6 cylinder from North America




Amazing vehicle. Original transmission just about 3k miles ago began suffering the 2-3 flare. a fluid change had mostly cleared that up, but the servo probably needs to be replaced.

Other than that, a steering rack, rear axle seals, normal brake work, belt idler pulley, and blower motor resistor have been replaced after failures.

General Comments:

Seriously, this car has been my best investment. If it weren't for the rust from the Northeast, I could sell this care for what I paid for it.

I've learned that the workmanship on the transmissions has not improved since 1995. I don't know if I would buy another Explorer...

PS- the rear wiper issues are resolvable, usually with a pair of vise grips.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2007

1995 Ford Explorer XLT V6 from North America


A Money Pit!!!


My 1995 Ford Explorer XLT with Control Track.

The truck kept stalling, and I lost all control and power while driving. DANGEROUS! It did re-start, but this problem got worse. Told it may be the Cam Sensor or Intake Gaskets. At the same time, the transmission began shifting very hard. It wouldn't go into reverse sometimes. Took it in for service. Cost $125.00 to hook it up to a computer, then they had a hard time figuring out the problem because it wouldn't read any codes. I got "guesses" as to what it may be. So I started with the transmission.

Had to replace the transmission at 123,000 miles. It had to be 90% re-built. It cost about $1,600.00 I continued to have tranny problems even after this. Took it back in to the tranny specialist, and they couldn't figure out the problem, so they took it to several different tranny places. No one could figure it out. They finally took it to the dealer. Again, they said it MAY be the Cam Sensor, so I had it replaced for $700.00 The tranny STILL doesn't run smoothly!

The truck started leaking fluid. I had to have a part replaced, I can't recall the name of it. It has to do with the heating/cooling system. It's function is so that I can turn the heat off in the summer, or something of that nature. Cost $125.00.

The Air conditoner went. Have not looked into replacing it yet.

The power steering just went. It is leaking VERY badly. I'm putting a bottle a day in it. Put a bottle of Stop Leak in it, to no avail. Will have it looked at.

Had to have a complete brake job done when I first got it, at 113,000. Cost $800.00 Seems like they may need to be done again already.

Had to have all the shocks replaced at 118,000 miles. Also had to replace all the tires at 128,000. Shocks cost about $400.00 and tires about $450.00.

The oil smells "burnt", even after an oil change.

The front end is making noises, a "banging" sound, when I come to a stop. I was previously told that I may need a new U-Joint. Possibly a Transfer Case too.

Check engine light still comes on during long trips.

The rear doors don't work right. The child locks are on, and can't seem to be switched off. The doors won't close when I try to take them off.

The power lock on the front passenger door doesn't work. The one on the driver door works when it feels like it.

The "theft" system, an alarm, doesn't work all the time either.

The lumbar support doesn't work in the drivers seat.

The fuel pump had to be replaced just before I bought it. Cost $450.00.

"Luxury" package, but no CD player!

General Comments:

I'm sure there are other things that have gone wrong that I can't recall at this time. But these are the major problems with it. I bought it from a neighbor who used it as a family car, I am the 3rd owner. They did regular maintenance to it, and told me there were no problems. All of the problems started around 110,000..

I paid $3000.00 for it. I've had the car 1yr. 6mo. and put over $4000.00 into it so far, and I still have things that need to be fixed. I feel as if it's a never ending battle. The power steering will hopefully be the last thing I will need to fix for awhile. I plan on keeping this truck for good. I have put WAY TOO MUCH $$ into it to get rid of it. I'm currently looking to buy a new car, (NOT another Ford either) and the dealership offered me about $1000.00 for it. I laughed! I'll keep it as a Winter Beater for the 4wheel drive. (If that doesn't go soon!) FYI most of the 24,000 miles I put on it were highway.

On a positive note.. It seems good on gas for a truck. A tank generally gets me 300-350 miles my guess is about 25 mpg on the highway. I feel safe in it, as far as crashes go. The leather interior is holding up well. The key-less entry still works.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2006

21st Aug 2006, 00:24

That's too many off the wall problems to be believable.

That many things just don't go wrong with a vehicle like an Explorer. A GMC Jimmy maybe...

24th Mar 2007, 09:01

"That's too many off the wall problems to be believable,"???

I bought a '95 Explorer XLT 2 years ago from a dealer who listed it as "excellent" mechanical condition with 125,000 miles. I have since more than tripled my purchase price of $4,200 (on the road). As I was working nearly full time and going to school full time during all of this, you can imagine how frustrating this was.

I have replaced the radiator, rebuilt the transmission, replaced the suspension, replaced the brakes and rotors, replaced the upper and lower control arms, and replaced various parts under the hood.

On top of this, I replaced the tires, headlight and corner light housings, and painted the trim, thinking that surely after fixing this much, it's going to be sound for a while. Well, now the rear differential is slipping, the front end is now making an intolerable squeaking, and there are still other issues I haven't got to yet.

I'm going to give the vehicle to a family member for ridiculously cheap payments so she can afford the repairs as they come up. I'm ready for something economical and (especially!) reliable.

I was confident in Ford's quality because my second car was an '87 Taurus that only cost me about $2500 in repairs over the 110,000 miles that I drove it (got it at 60k, sold it at 170k). Anybody can make a lemon.

In closing I would like to offer this affirmation of an observation from Frank Zappa -- "You can't polish a turd!" Good luck to you all! :)