1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L from North America


Never breaks down


One word - Hydro-lock. I hydro-locked the engine when I hit 8-10 inches of standing water going about 20MPH. The air intake is just behind the right front tire and it sucked water right into the engine destroying it. Insurance company paid to replace the engine. I did a google search and discovered that hydro-lock is common on the 95 Explorer due to a poor design on the location of the air intake.

Other than the hydro-lock, this has been a good vehicle. It's got lots of squeaks and squeals, but it still runs great with 130,000 miles. Never had a major mechanical problem.

General Comments:

Gas mileage is horrible.

Ride is very trucky -- bumpy with lots of lean and role.

Weak 4.0l engine has slow acceleration and no punch -- passing is difficult.

Leather bucket seats are very comfortable.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2005

1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L OHV EFI V6 from North America


Our Explorer was a well built and highly reliable vehicle that I am confident is still on the road


Replaced front brakes twice and rears once during ownership.

Replaced tires once.

Folding rear sear doesn't go down.

Cigarette lighter never did work.

Temperature gauge stopped working twice.

General Comments:

1995 was the first year of the second generation Explorer. Our Explorer XLT 4 door was purchased brand new in spring of '95. This vehicle was driven for two years by my mother then the remainder of it's life until it was sold by my father. When he sold it with 128k on it it had the original battery, spark plugs and wires, distributor, fluids aside from oil and transmission fluid, shocks and light bulbs if not more. This isn't because the vehicle wasn't cared for. Most people found it hard to believe it was a '95 in it's later years because it was in such great shape. The truck never indicated that these things needed replaced. It started right up in any weather and never let anyone down. From my experience driving it it was a solid vehicle. It rode rough which shows it's a real SUV; not a grocery getter like late model SUV's are. The 4.0l OHV engine had loads of torque (225lb/ft). High end was a little weak (only 160hp) but torque is what you need in a truck. The four wheel drive was always dependable and worked great in all conditions. Gas mileage wasn't the best, but was can one expect. I believe it got around 18mpg on average. All Explorers and Rangers of this generation are great vehicle and in my opinion even comparable to Toyotas.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

22nd Apr 2014, 21:45

My mother has a 95 Explorer, all original except the ignition. Just got many new parts within the last year. Could never take it out in snow because it has no 4 wheel drive (unusual for an Explorer, you could only get 'em down south). Could have bought another Explorer, but most have high mileage now after 13-19 years, and I LOVE the 2nd generation 95-01. It was mine until I bought a new Lincoln.

1995 Ford Explorer XLT V6 from North America


Slow and strong, a lifesaver in an accident


Steering wheel's top turned to mush.

Rusted seriously w/o any signs of rot.

Shocks rode very harsh, needed replacement.

Seats were over soft from wear.

Passenger belt tattered and frayed, but kept my girlfriend alive in a rollover.

Stereo volume/power control knob broke and stereo wouldn't turn off.

Driver door speaker phased in and out in rain.

E-Brake sticky even after replaced lines (or so the used car dealer said)

General Comments:

This car is a brute. It will roll with even the slightest over-correction, but when it does, if you've got your seatbelt on you'll walk away that night.

It's slow and can't get up over 95 even down a slight incline (probably good given it's tendency to roll).

It handle's very well for an SUV, but it's stiff spring rate and low amount of body roll give a false confidence especially for a new driver.

The worst part about it is the roll-ability of it. I rolled it when I drove slightly off road and panicked, jerking the wheel right (back onto the road) it began to skid and I overcorrected only slightly and before I knew it was sideways and the pavement was next to my face. I and my girlfriend (both in the front seat) walked away that night, but the idiot in the back (no seatbelt) was ejected and suffered moderate head injury (six staples, pretty could all things considered). This car is built so strong that it is probably the reason I am here today. This car really was "Built Ford Tough"

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Review Date: 28th March, 2005