2011 Ford Explorer Limited 3.5L 4x4 from North America


A pleasure to look at, drive and own!



General Comments:

I am a car guy through and through. Can't stop looking at cars; new, old, sports cars, SUVs, hot-hatches, whatever!

My wife will attest to the fact that I fell in love with the Explorer as soon as I saw that it was due for release! I've looked at others, and considered the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango.

I had the opportunity to drive the Jeep GC for a week as a rental, and it just never really felt right to me. I know a lot of people who love them and will praise them, and I'm not saying it was bad by any means, just wasn't what I was looking for.

I never got to test out the Dodge, but my wife and her family aren't big on Chrysler products, and I've always loved Ford, so it just worked that way.

In price comparisons, I've noticed you can probably get more bang for your buck in the Dodge (in some ways), but IMHO, you are also getting into a more "mommy" looking SUV. The size, feel, ride, 4x4 capabilities and tech of the Explorer has nearly stopped me from looking at other cars.

I LOVE my car! Love the dual sunroofs, love that I don't have too many "bells and whistles", and just love driving my car (not too mention my dog fits in it and loves it too). My wife is just happy that I've stopped talking about other cars, and loves riding in it - she always looks so comfortable.

I came out of a 2002 Chevy Blazer that I loved dearly, but it was definitely on its way out, and the repairs may have wind up costing more than the vehicle value. So here I am, a proud owner of a "new to me" 2011 Ingot Silver/Stone interior 3.5L 4x4 Limited Explorer! Basically my dream car :-)

No problems thus far except SYNC updating was a little finicky at first. Looking forward to many miles, years and memories in this beaut!

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Review Date: 30th December, 2011

31st Dec 2011, 10:27

Great review. I really love the looks of the Explorer as well. I haven't driven one yet, but your review makes me want to head over to the Ford dealer and check them out.

I have a Focus right now that has been a really good car overall. I too have had issues with the SYNC system though. I really hoped Ford had worked the bugs out of that by now. Ah, but it is a Microsoft product, so there may be problems with it for years to come!

Good luck with your new ride, and keep us updated.

19th Jan 2012, 11:44

The issues you had with SYNC & MyFord Touch (let me guess; the screen would just go blank, right?) should be addressed by the latest version, which is due to be released anytime now. When using SYNC, it is critical to wait for the little chime when SYNC has finished speaking, or she WILL NOT understand you, and (as I'm sure you're aware) it gets really annoying when she keeps interrupting.

A great tip for using SYNC is to use 'global' commands, like 'What Can I Say?' 'Voice Instructions' 'List of Commands' and 'Help'. Saying any one of the above will get SYNC to give you a little tutorial; very helpful when you are first familiarizing yourself with the system.

2011 Ford Explorer Limited from North America


RENTAL - Excellent ride and engine



General Comments:

I recently had to make a trip out to Oklahoma and I didn't want to drive my truck there. I rented this 2011 Ford Explorer and absolutely loved it, and am actually looking to buy an Explorer now.

This vehicle was amazing cruising down the highways there, and made the 30 hour 2000 mile round trip seem to go by much faster. The ride was smooth, and I hardly felt any bumps.

However, trying to sync my phone to the system was very hard, and I had to get my son to do it! Not very user-friendly in my opinion.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2011

26th Sep 2011, 21:45

The SYNC/MyFord Touch was designed to work with 3G & 4G smartphones. If you have an older type (ie none-smartphone), then you will have some issues with pairing the phone to the system.