2011 Ford Explorer Limited 3.5 V6 from North America


Got a life? Get an Explorer to put it in


Had to have MyFord Touch software reflashed at first service, was clashing with my iPhone 3G. Dealer fixed at no cost.

General Comments:

Excellent, reliable, comfortable, safe SUV that sets the benchmark.

Its unibody shell makes it much better on road than traditional trucks, with minimal loss of offroad performance.

Loaded with safety features and nice design touches (the collision warning & curve control are particular favourites), and the excellent programmable MyKey means I can program the air conditioned seats and climate control to have the car nice & cool when I get in, even on the hottest, muggiest Toronto day.

The terrain management system means I deal with muddy cottage country roads with no problems, and even driving in heavy snow in February (three days after picking it up) was a breeze.

The only dislike is the high purchase cost (my fully optioned Limited came in at over $50000 + HST), but when you compare the Explorer with similarly specced 'upmarket' SUVs like the BMW X5 or Mercedes (both of which are made in Mexico as well as the USA), $55k is a bargain.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2011

8th Jun 2011, 18:30

55K for a Ford Explorer, sounds like Ford is pricing itself out of the market. I can think of a lot of vehicles with a ton more prestige in that price range. A loaded Buick Enclave is less than that, and a Lexus RX is very near that price point.

2011 Ford Explorer Limited 4x4 3.5 V6 from North America


Absolutely love it!!!


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

We had a 2004 Suburban, and we decided to downsize a bit. So when we saw the commercial for the 2011 Explorer, we went to our local Ford dealer and took a look at them. It was love at first sight!!

We traded in our 2004 Chevrolet Suburban for it. We purchased the top of the line model, which is the Explorer Limited. Ours is white diamond in color, which looks classy. It has it all!!

The ride is great, and has the same amount of horsepower as we had in the Suburban. But the Explorer is a good bit faster. It handles perfectly. We really the multiple settings for the changing road conditions. When we had the blizzards in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the Explorer was our friend and got us through with flying colors.

As far as the interior is concerned, it is impressively laid out exactly the way we like it. The seats are so comfortable in all seating positions. Plenty of room for kids and various sized adults. The cargo area is great!! Plenty of room for a family.

We absolutely love this vehicle!! Everywhere that we take it, we get tons of complements on it. Some people think that it resembles a Land Rover a bit.

Even our kids love it, and so does our dog!! So if you liked the previous Explorer, you will fall in love with this one.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2011

28th May 2011, 07:47

To the owner of this Explorer. Can you keep us updated as to how the vehicle performs as time and mileage accumulates. This would be very helpful to people who would like to know how this Explorer holds up over the long haul. Thank you in advance.