11th Jan 2003, 12:02

The Ford Explorer and Ford Ranger are built on the same chassis and share some sheet metal parts, but that is where the truck similarities stop. The only engine which the two vehicles share is the SOHC 4.0L V6 in North America. The transmission codes are different as well as most suspension parts and axle combinations. In fairness to the two vehicles, Explorer and Ranger, they are not comparable nor are repair issues.

26th Jun 2003, 20:07

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS also. I have had the idle sensor replaced twice. I only have 53600 miles on mine. Also the rear wiper motor had to be replaced. Now of all things my transmission is going out. I can't believe it. I am definitely going to buy a different brand SUV.

14th Nov 2004, 11:22

I myself own both a 1995 & 2000 ford explorer, and have had no problems with either of them... maybe you all should try taking better care of your cars. I am very satisfied with my purchases and will continue to buy from Ford again.

14th Dec 2004, 22:56

My OD light was blinking, and was shifting all messed up, so they just installed some new wiring and sensors and said it was fixed. Well I have a feeling that when they either did that, or when they put in the new motor, they didn't tighten the exhaust, or they screwed it up somehow, cuz now all of a sudden I have a leak!

12th Mar 2007, 13:47

I just purchased a 2003 Ford Explorer 3 weeks ago, and I am praying I did not make a terrible decision.

The CD player was working when we test drove it, and broke after about 1 week. We tried cleaning it, but it seems to get overheated.

The door ajar light continually stayed on for no reason, but my husband looked online and found some type of resolution by putting WD40 oil somewhere on the doors. Please look that up on specific instructions on how to fix the door ajar problem.

Also, we just discovered after 3 weeks of having the vehicle, the passenger window does not work: everything was fine when we test drove it, but I wanted to try something American made, although My Honda, Nissan, and Toyota rarely gave me any problems.

31st Mar 2007, 09:22

I purchased a 2000 Ford Explorer last year and my sister did as well. This is direct comparison...

1. Both of us had to replace our CD players, stopped working.

2. Both of us had to replace our center console arm rest cover. They started cracking and chipping the exact same way. Odds of that being "our" fault... slim to none.

3. Both of our rear windshield wiper motors stopped working.

I guess I'll stop. I will never purchase another Found On Road Dead again!

31st Mar 2007, 17:59

Well, I just bought a 2002 Explorer Sport in December, and haven't had any of the problems mentioned here -- wiper motor is fine, console armrest is fine, OD is fine.

However, when it was cold this winter, the CD player did have a couple of days when it didn't want to spit out the CD. It's the 6-slot in-dash CD player. I just assumed that electronics don't always like to work when it's frigid out. Even a home stereo CD player will start skipping if it gets too hot or isn't ventilated, so I can accept that. I just kept hitting the eject button every 20 minutes or so, and after the cab had warmed up, it finally ejected. Not the end of the world, but we'll see if it does it again. I love my Explorer, nicest vehicle I ever owned.

5th Nov 2011, 19:30

2000 Explorer Limited.

Radio/clock display light not working. Would like to know if there is an easy fix?

Nice truck, rides a bit rough and does not get good gas mileage. Just replaced the original battery. 76000 miles. Any help with the display light will be appreciated.