2000 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 from North America


I paid a little much for it at first, but got a great finance rate and overall am very satisfied!


I have had a few issues; "phantom wiper blades," that is a recall and will be fixed. Also, rear wiper motor is out, but no problem; warranty will repair. Recently, during cold starts, the idle does not stay right where it needs to be, but once I get it in for service, this too will be remedied. Center console, (one with the removable "bag" underneath has cracked, but this will also be replaced. Other than these minor issues which will inevitably be repaired at no cost to me, I am extremely satisfied with this vehicle. I use it to pull our pontoon boat and have pulled it all over the country and never had any problems.

General Comments:

I like this body style much more than the new Explorers. I will take care of this truck, as it is nice. It will one day be a nice vehicle to hand down to my child, and he already has a go-cart and understands maintenance, washing, waxing, so I don't fear it will go downhill once he gets it!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2003

2000 Ford Explorer XLS SOHC 4.0 V6 from North America


It;s like a pet- take care of it and feed it, it will last


Nothing. I change my fluids, get tune-ups and baby the SUV.

General Comments:

If you take care of these vehicles they will last. If you stomp on it and go 10,000 miles before an oil change you'll kill it.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2002

2000 Ford Explorer Sport 4 litre V6 from North America


Would be great if it wasn't in the shop so often


Tire recall took 6 months to supply new tires.

New centre console, original broken from me leaning an elbow on it.

New oil pan, pan was perforated all over.

New valve body in transmission at 30,000 kilometers.

3 fluid leaks and new seal - new seal within 9 months.

Computer chip defect within 1 month of ownership - windows and cd player stopped working - on a hot day!

General Comments:

I am very disappointed with the reliability of this car. I have been given a loan vehicle - Ford Focus, by the dealer, but that isn't the vehicle I'm paying sweetly for every month.

I don't feel like hanging on to this vehicle once the warranty is up - can you blame me?

Perhaps if I was a man it may have been different.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2002

30th Mar 2004, 22:33

WOW! Guess I got lucky. My new 2000 Ford Explorer just turned 4 years old on 3/20/2004, and the same day it also turned 240,000 miles.

The only replacement parts I have dealt with are 1 battery, 1 alternator, front left and right ball joints, idler tensioner and belt, and one thermostat.

That is it, other than fluid changes, tires, and brakes.

I have the original engine that does not burn oil, and the original transmission, and timing chain.

I really believe Amsoil synthetic products kept me going. I change my engine oil religiously every 10,000 miles, added Amsoil into my differential and gained 1.2 miles per gallon for that one.

I use 2 certified mechanics that can vouch for the performance. They are the only 2 I let work on it when necessary.

Thanks, Russell - Orlando, FL.

2000 Ford Explorer XLS from North America


A waste of money!


Rear wiper motor has been replaced twice.

Fuel gauge sensor replaced.

Bad Idle Air Control motor needed to be replaced.

Rack and pinion leaking.

All by the ripe old age of two!

General Comments:

I really like my Explorer, but am fed up with the steady stream of problems. The last ones being the Idle Air Control motor and leaking pinion. My Explorer has just over 38,000 miles so now I pay.

I won't be taken again, as much as I like it, I will chose another SUV next time.

Sorry Ford, this is my first experience with your company and I won't be a repeat customer.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002

16th Oct 2002, 22:59

I also have a 2000 Ford Ranger and have had both the fuel gauge sensor problem and bad air conditioner motor. The transmission was also acting goofy and the Ford dealer couldn't figure out what was up and ended up replacing it. After contacting an attorney and filing some paperwork, Ford sent a check for a few thousand dollars. It's been pretty annoying. If you want to buy a used truck stay away from the 2000 Rangers!