2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 5.0L V8 from North America


A never ending money pit


Rear window wiper motor burned out at 11,000 miles.

Leather on steering wheel became unstitched around 15,000 miles.

Took 8 months to replace Firestone tires on recall with Goodyears.

LCD display on stereo went out around 30,000 miles.

Window rattles inside door when half down.

50,000 miles, the oil pressure gauge stopped working.

Lots of rattles and squeeking noises inside dashboard and panels.

Transmission lost 3rd gear at 74000 miles. Bushing failed, cracked transmission case, metal chips blew the torque converter. Torque converter send metal inside transmission. Extremely expensive repair. Needed transmission rebuilt along with new transmission housing.

General Comments:

This is a wonderful looking vehicle, but has been an expensive venture for a young automobile.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2004

2000 Ford Explorer Sport 6 from North America


Worth the money if you're looking for an affordable SUV


The idle control valve went bad within a year.

General Comments:

This SUV drives like a truck, a bit bouncy, but solid.

I have had only one problem with my Sport and I have found it to be very reliable. The dealer did not honor their warranty when it came in for repair and they were dismissive. But other than that, it's been a great little truck.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2003

2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer from North America


Bad engineering or parts sourcing


Tires (Firestone had a big recall),Starter (had to be towed) after 1 months use, have just gotten a recall notice for 2 other problems and now I spent $289 for a idle air control motor. Also had to replace the motor for auto leveler two months ago and latch on rear hatch. Plus the radio light now only works occasionally!

General Comments:

Ford has poor quality control of parts. I expect At least 100,000 miles from a car with reasonable maintenance. I don't think American auto manufacturers can build a car to last that long.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2003

2000 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 from North America


Great SUV for serious sports people. Goes where most other 4x4s cannot


Transmission replaced (flat bed it, don't tow it, it was my fault)

4x4 went out 2 times, they cleared the code and it worked again.

Tires replaced (Firestone)

Driver seat squeaks.

Very rough riding.

Stereo speaker in rear comes on and off intermittantly.

Currently have water in the brake lights.

General Comments:

Best 4x4 I've ever owned.

Sport model will kill most everything else in off road.

Looks good.

Very reliable.

Very sturdy.

So stiff, you'll want a neck brace, or sports bra.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2003

19th Jul 2004, 15:34

The rear wiper has quit working. It was repaired once, but has quit again. Has anyone else had a problem with this?

15th Oct 2004, 21:30

I have had problems with the rear wiper, but never fixed it, what did you do to fix it?

30th Oct 2004, 22:16

Have you discovered what's involved to fix your rear wiper problem? I have a 2000 Explorer Sport with what sounds like the same problem. I thought it was the blade, and then discovered there was a lot of "play" when in motion... the whole arm moves in and out just enough to keep the blade from touching the window.


2000 Ford Explorer XLT Eddie Bauer V6 SOHC from North America


Vehicle is a bad bargain at $30,000+


The rear wiper has been intermittent in its operation. You often must grab the wiper and shake it to get it to then work for that trip.

The radio display has now failed permanently and thus, no time or station data is viewable. This problem above many is most annoying.

Lastly, the Reverse Parking Aid Sensor system quit working at 38,000 miles, just after warranty of course. I have ordered and replaced the control module (dealer - $140, Internet - $97) and that did not alleviate the problem. I must now change all of the sensors at a cost of much time and $50 using Internet parts.

General Comments:

The "venerable" Explorer has perhaps been in Ford's lineup too long. Ford has achieved maximum profitability out of re-engineering the vehicle for easiest production at lowest cost for them; however, the refinement is diametric to the value and reliability that the consumer obtains in the purchase. Don't buy this vehicle!

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Review Date: 26th August, 2003

14th Dec 2004, 22:50

I hear ya on the rear wiper, before I drive, I must turn it on, stand outside in the rain and push it back and forth a few times. I kind of look forward to it now...