2000 Ford Explorer XLS from North America


One big waste of time and money


First it started with the sensors. Had to replace 5 at one time. It would cut off in the rain going down the road.

Then it was little stuff here and there.

The last and most expensive problem was the transmission. It blew up on a trip to the beach. No warning.

Biggest piece of JUNK I have ever driven.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2007

2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 petrol/LPG from UK and Ireland


If you get a good'un you'll be fine, if not - beware


At 89,850 miles the gearbox went.

About 200 miles later the timing chain went belly up.

I sold the car for some one-tenth of the price I paid for it - after only six months.

General Comments:

I loved it, I simply loved it. It was big, brash and, in this country, rather rare. It was a comfy drive and driving on LPG was nice and cheap.

Lots of people seemed to hate it, and that just made me like it even more.

However, despite oil level checks/change, the big beauty decided two weeks ago to go downhill rapidly, leaving it cheaper to scrap than keep - I loved it, but am not sorry to see it go.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

2000 Ford Explorer XLS 4 L from North America


Numerous problems in only two years- hello Subaru!


The head gasket has been leaking coolant into cylinder number 3, even though this problem was 'fixed.' As a result the rad drains and the car heats up - we are lucky its been winter when this happens.

The performance off road and in snow has been good even with worn tires.

The engine light goes on and off every few weeks.

The door latches are held on by plastic clips and a few have had to be replaced.

There is rust around the door jams / hinges.

I have a 1993 Golf in mint condition that has never been garage kept - very poor paint quality on the Ford - chips easily.

General Comments:

Great in snow/ off road.

Unreliability makes it a liability.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2007

2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 from North America


It's a family vehicle with the convenience of a truck for hauling when needed


I must say there has been more pluses to my SUV than minuses. With that said, my rear windshield wiper has never worked properly. The previous owner, who originally bought the SUV, had the same problem.

I have leather interior and of course on hot days your skin sticks to the seats, making it painful at times to get up.

General Comments:

My SUV is very spacious. It seats a family of 5, and 3 of the members are 6ft tall and over 200 lbs. You name the piece of furniture we have used the SUV to move it. When you fold the back seats down you have enough room to put a full size air mattress back there for the night.

Considering it's a SUV, the ride is fairly smooth and handles very well in all types of weather. I love my Explorer!

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

2000 Ford Explorer XLT from North America


Surprisingly nice, roomy, accommodating SUV!!


The day after I bought this car, there was that whole recall with the Firestone tires. Since my car was new, I held out until 2002 when the last month of the recall was allowed, and got 4 new Michelin tires out of the deal. I've had to replace the front and back brakes twice, the back windshield wiper doesn't "hit" the entire window anymore and there was a recall on the driver seat's bolt- which I had replaced for free, but didn't know the reason for the recall. No other troubles.

General Comments:

Surprised to find this has been a very good, reliable car. Never thought I'd make 100,000 miles without any real repairs needed. I owned a 1984 Ford Escort in which the old "Found On the Road Dead" or "Fixed Or Repaired Daily" were true quotes.

SUV is very roomy, cloth seats are soft, easy to clean, soaks up sweat whereas leather would make you slide. We've packed in one dog, 5 kids, 4 snowboards and full winter gear INSIDE the cabin before. Seats fold down to accommodate lots of items purchased for the home, such as lawnmower, snowblower, 42inch LCD TV, BBQ Grill, twin size mattresses and klick klack bed.

It is expensive to fill up the tank these days, but each full gas tank will carry us @260 miles. Sometimes that's $35, sometimes $40 at these prices. In the earlier years, it was only $20.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2006