9th Apr 2004, 10:56

I was amazed to see that the problems I have with my 1998 EB Explorer are the same as identified by the original posting. I still love the vehicle, but these problems do exist.

13th Jul 2004, 08:42

I also noticed 90% of the problems in the above post. Of primary concern to me were the radio display, the "whirring" noise AFTER hard acceleration, the antenna motor and the spark plug wires.

3rd Sep 2004, 15:12

I just recently purchased a 1998 EB from my local dealership and have noticed the exact same problems listed above. No display on the radio and the rear wiper doesn't clear the entire back window. The AC works fine, but I believe there is a stuck mixing door in the heater. When I turn the "vent" on, very hot air comes out.

It had 148,000 miles on it, but the price was right - 5K and everything else works - moon roof, etc. Still very happy overall with it. I traded my 02' Explorer in (to get out of payments) and to be honest, I'm just as happy with the 98 EB. Ford is getting better.

18th Sep 2004, 11:05

Ditto... to the first comment mentioned. In March, I bought a '98 EB. I had to replace the radio as the display didn't show. Radio antennae stuck and won't retract. Climate control either cold or hot... nothing in between. Rear wiper cleans half of the window. Cold starts in the morning, the engine lopes up and down, sometimes dying. Runs fine after 5 min. of rough idle. I was told I had a vacuum leak in my intake manifold. I've never had so many problems with any vehicle. It's too much!!

25th Nov 2010, 00:05

I'm an ASE certified technician. I own 98 5.0 Explorer. It sounds like you are taking your Ford to a couple of monkeys. It's not the car, it is the techs, these are great SUVs, I would recommend one to anyone wanting something worth being proud of. Just do your maintenance and take it to another dealership...