20th Sep 2006, 18:59

I rarely keep a vehicle 100,000 miles and if they reach that mileage I either sell or it becomes my second vehicle. I love reading that maintenance was required at 130,000 miles etc. Even if you need a motor or trans...100,000 miles is plenty of driving in my opinion... especially 4 wheel drive.

16th Jan 2009, 22:28

Going on 238 000kms on mine - the only problem ever has been the 4x4 not going into Low. That's IT.

The problems you are listing - such as brakes - those are *required* on any car.

The 4x4 issues all seem related.

22nd Sep 2009, 23:43

All the problems you are experiencing besides a couple of them are regular maintenance issues. Yes tie rods and brakes wear out, yes spark plug wires and plugs wear out. And guess what, a clunking from first to reverse is normal with that many miles, just change the fluid.

4th Jan 2010, 16:59

Those with low idle should check your vacuum lines. Improper vacuum can cause a low idle and make the car sound like it is going to die, or cause it to die.

19th May 2010, 02:32

I have had my 4.0 push rod Explorer from new (1998) and have never regretted it.

I regularly tow a caravan all around Australia, as well as towing my classic cars to venues. The combined weight of my rig when on holiday is just over 4000kg.

I have had very little problems with the vehicle thus far, however it does need regular maintenance as do all cars.

Once I got it away from the dealer, the car improved in all areas and has not disappointed me at all. I do also understand that a car of this age will need attention at times, and to this end I just accept the costs as part of running any vehicle.

I would consider myself as relatively knowledgeable on the subject of cars, as they are my hobby and I have to date owned 97 cars and 15 motorcycles; all of which needed maintenance at some time in their lives!

Let's just accept that in all things, there is bound to be a lemon or two.