24th Jan 2008, 20:16

I bought a 2001 sport trac 4 months ago. It had previously had 1 set of owners that were an elderly couple that put only 117 kms over the 6 years. It seemed to be treated well and had no accidents.

Within 2 months the transmission had problems and it started making strange knocking sounds in the engine when I hit bumps. Apparently the front end is falling apart.

The ford dealership is working away and the price is steadily going up along with the problems.

I don't beleive the previous owners caused these problems. I think the truck sucks!

I would not recommend a sport trac to anyone. Last time I ever buy a ford or any vehicle not made overseas!

16th Sep 2008, 16:53

Original review author to the last comment: I'm sorry to hear you had such a poor experience with your Sport Trac, but I stick to my review, whether it be 20 degrees below zero or 103 degree heat; rain, shine, or snow here in the Midwest; the truck has proven itself time and time again.

14th Oct 2008, 10:27

I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac that was purchased new in April of 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona (4 years). The only issue we had before warranty was up, was that the car wanted to overheat (110+degrees), but would always shut the a/c off, before it would overheat. The dealerships finally found out what was going on and replaced the radiator, and everything else that went with that system. We went cross country a few times, and have it now in Vermont for 4 years. This 2wd vehicle has done right by me, with 150k miles! We serviced as recommended by dealerships, and no problems! I do not want to give this car up and I can only say, this Sportrac has consistently got many compliments and people cannot believe it is 8 years old!