1959 Ford F100 312 cid Thunderbird swap from North America


Built Tough!


Engine upgrade from a 292 cid Ford motor, which was the original to a rebuilt 312 early Thunderbird engine. The old motor was still good, but I wanted more power to haul bricks and stone, and pull a trailer. Did this swap myself one weekend since it was so easy to work on.

4-speed manual transmission failed at 185000 miles. This, too, was easily swapped for a good used transmission for about $75.

General Comments:

The most amazing thing about the 1959 Ford truck is how THICK the body metal was. So thick that big cars couldn't door-ding the sides in parking lots no matter how hard it was hit.

The new trucks look pretty, handle better and have A/C, but they can't take the beating that the 50's Ford F-series could.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2005

26th Mar 2005, 10:30

I have a '59 with a rebuilt 223 that I wouldn't take anything for. She is big green and until I get her painted, UGLY LOL. I love this truck and would rather driver her than the 2001 ranger she replaced. Older trucks have character that the pretty trucks now can never match.