28th Apr 2005, 18:25

My father gave me his 59 F-100 Custom Cab back in 1999, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. She needs some body work, but that 292 Y block keeps running strong. She is very fast after some aftermarket modifications and has plenty of pulling power. Personally, she is the best truck ever built.

30th Jun 2005, 12:03

I just picked up another 59 f series truck. I plan a complete restoration of it. It's a 292 V-8 with manual 3-speed with O.D. If I hadn't enjoy my 1st 1959 truck so much, I never would have looked for another one! I think the most unique feature of these trucks is the wrap around rear window!! I am looking forward to the day I can drive down the road in my newly restored 1959 F-100 truck.

25th Mar 2009, 03:19

I drive trucks because you can burn rubber forever. My VW dunebuggies might break if you don't engage properly... but my 59, mash the gas, watch the smoke.

15th May 2010, 22:12

So you say that your F100 can take a beating better than a new 150? Could it pull more? Could the engine take a harder beating? I'm afraid I am in favor of the newer vehicles... While, yes, the older rigs WERE simpler, but they didn't have all the technology we had -- back then, they were top-of-the-line!

And I'm sure that there were people, when these rigs came out that couldn't work on them because of all the new "technology" back then -- that's always gonna happen in the automotive world.

Lastly; yes, the metal is thicker. So? It's less safe than the newer vehicles with crumple zones, airbags, and proper seatbelts.

Either way though;; with those points aside, I feel those older rigs are, when properly restored, a absolute pleasure to drive. My family owns a '69 Chevy C-10 with an straight six, and a '67 Ford F-250 with a V-6 (or a V-8, I can't remember). While both of them are in need of work; if they were restored I'm sure they would be a pleasure to drive.

16th May 2010, 16:45

I think the old F100 could easily take more of a beating than a new F150. The F100 has already been around for 51 years. 51 years from now, the new F150 will have been in the junkyard for probably over 35 years. The new F150 may be able to tow more and it may be more powerful, but I think that it's "technology" is ultimately it's downfall. If the 150 and the 100 both had the same amount of damage, guess one would be back on the road first? Yup, the F100.

That being said, pitting an F100 against an F150 is kind of pointless. You would never use a restored F100 for any kind of work these days, it's too nice a truck to mess up.