1972 Ford F100 Ranger 302 CID from North America


Excellent value and utility


Drag link.

Backing plate in distributor.

Carburetor re-built twice.

Choke tube rusted away.

Master cylinder (twice).


Voltage regulator.


Fuel pump.

Normal brake and exhaust repairs.

General Comments:

I bought this F-100 in 1989, it continues to soldier on today in 2009.

Most repairs that have been done are due more to age than actual wear.

This truck has been amazingly reliable and long lived; while I have not driven it particularly hard, it also has not been pampered.

The truck has 4:11 gears, and with the 302 will not top 70 MPH down hill, but for a usable truck it can't be beat. Also due to the low gears, the truck has plenty of pep at low speed. Fuel economy is not great, but not terrible either at about 14 MPG.

The truck sits low to the ground, and therefore is very easy to use to actually work with, unlike many modern trucks, which ride way too high off the ground for easy loading and unloading.

The truck is pretty basic except for power steering and automatic transmission, but as a consequence, pretty much everything on the truck still functions after 37 years.

The old truck also rides surprisingly well.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2009

14th Jan 2018, 03:45

The truck is still going in 2018.


1972 Ford F100 Custom 302 V8 from North America


This truck is a beast


The very first thing I had to replace was the steering box. It broke one night while I was getting gas.

The master cylinder was bad when I bought the truck, so I replaced it when I replaced the steering box.

I have replaced the heater core and the hoses.

I replaced the fan (alternator) belt.

I replaced the alternator because the bearing was going bad.

I replaced the water pump because it was making a grinding sound.

I replaced the voltage regulator because the battery was not charging.

It turns out the charging system wiring was bad, so I had a shop re-wire it. the bad wiring destroyed my new alternator. Hope I have the receipt...

General Comments:

I love this truck. It is a beast! It has absolutley no options except for heat and a radio and a sunroof. Nobody can easily drive this truck except me, (This includes the wife.) and even I have trouble sometimes.

It is yellow, (the paint is in great shape for its age.) and has orange work lights on the top of it.

My dad had them on his bronco, and took them off when he got laid off. My truck got broken into, (my fault for leaving the windows down) and my dad thought that if the lights were hooked to the door, they might alert someone to the truck being tampered with.

It has no:

4X4 Capability, something that is a must for a big truck in the snow.

Power steering, hard to drive if you're not use to it.

Power brakes, the truck also has drum brakes all around and of course no anti-lock. I hope I never have to stop on dime.

A/C, roll down the windows.

Automatic transmission, three on the tree baby! Just like grandpa.

No rear defroster.

This truck is bottom of the barrel. I love it. Less to break! There are still some things I have to do to it:

I have to replace the manual choke.

I have to replace the duct-work for the window defroster. why somebody would take the time to remove it, even for a repair and not replace it is beyond me.

I have to fix the gas gauge, it does not work. Fortuantly (unless I wreck) the gas tank is behind the seat so I can hear the gas sloshing around. when I can't hear it slosh, I get more gas.

At some point, the shifter was moved to the floor. the linkage is damaged and the throw is long, making it hard to shift.

The reverse lights and license plate light don't work, but I bet if I look, I can find the source of all the electrical problems.

I don't know if the motor is original to the truck, but it burns no oil, (or so little I can't tell, and I always change it at 3 months/3000 miles, whichever comes first.) and it purrs. this is by far the BEST thing about the truck. This motor will outlast the truck, and most likely me. If it were not for the loud exhaust, you could barely hear it run.

Overall, I would never trade this truck for a new truck, or car. I have talked about selling it a few times, but can't stand to part with it. plus the wife thinks it is good to have "in case we have to haul something." I have to say, I really do appreciate my old Ford truck.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2004

4th Jun 2005, 19:00

Hey, I too have a 1967 Ford F100 Ranger Pick-up that I really love. I just removed the original 352 V8 and Cruiseomatic Tranny and replaced them with a newly rebuilt 1970 302 and a rebuilt C4 tranny. The old 352 engine was still running, but the transmission was failing and the truck had been parked since 1998 when I bought it.

This Ranger came from the factory with Power steering, Power brakes and Automatic transmission and has a dealer installed Ford Air Conditioner which still works. I recently purchased a NOS Ford Seat cover for the seat to really freshen up the interior.

This truck is so tight that the doors close like a new car made today. Everyone that see the truck cannot believe that the doors are so perfectly aligned and so easy to close. You don't have to slam these to close them. The body is rust free and never been in an accident. There are a couple of small dings that will need to be repaired when its time for a new paint job. The cargo bed does not have any dents or dings so I know that this vehicle was never used as a work truck. The DSO numbers indicate that this truck was delivered to the Houston Texas area from the factory and is stll in use in Autin Texas today.

I have a 1970 Ford Bronco (modified with top off), a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500XL, 1969 Ford Fairlane 500 factory 4 speed, plus 2 1968 Barracudas (one is a 340 V8) and I like to drive the 1967 Ford F100 the best because its like driving my wife's 2001 Chevy Silverado. It has the same creature comforts for summer and winter driving.

Ford's moto for the 1967 Ranger was "Works like a truck, Drives like a car" and it really does. I don't plan on selling this truck ever. Money can easily persuade me to sell off any of my other cars and Bronco, but not the Range.

1972 Ford F100 360 cid from North America


Excellent pickup truck!


Replaced exhaust manifold gaskets at 82,000 miles, had machine shop grind exhaust manifolds flat, also had one cracked exhaust manifold (driver's side) which I had welded up by a fellow that could weld cast iron.

Dash pad is cracked and perforated section at radio speaker has come loose. Also seat cover is cracked on driver's side, but is in generally good condition.

Engine leaks oil from various locations, needs to have multiple seals and gaskets replaced.

Unable to properly set front end alignment due to bent front end components, but drive ability is fairly good.

General Comments:

This truck is all original, no modifications or restoration performed other than addition of power steering, just routine maintenance as needed. Has been stored indoors during winters (North Dakota truck). It is in very good condition in all aspects and is very enjoyable to drive around.

This '72 F100 is fairly reliable and runs great! Intermittently hard to start, seems choke doesn't consistently set properly for cold starts, but usually fires right up & holds fast idle until throttle pedal is tapped. Is usually more difficult to start when engine is fully warmed up.

Brakes are weak, drums at all four corners, should be upgraded for safer stopping.

Cab is plenty roomy for three passengers, but bench seat is not very comfortable, OK for short trips, but you wouldn't want to drive more than a couple hours continuously.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2003