19th Jan 2007, 10:56

I have a 1972 f100 custom that I got from my grandpa last year it is a beast like everybody says I going to put a 4 or 6 inch lift on it and 36 inch tires and I wanted to know if I could make a 4x4 if I bought the parts.

19th Jan 2007, 14:59

Well, anything can be done with enough time and money, but turning a 4x2 into a 4x4 isn't like just bolting on an aftermarket kit. Basically, you would have to cannibalize the entire drive train from another 4x4 Ford, and by that time, you would be better off just getting an original 4x4. The front suspension has to be changed, a front differential has to be installed, the transfer case has to be installed, the drive shafts have to be custom fit, you have to cut holes in the floor for the levers---you're talking about rebuilding everything below the rocker panels. So the simple answer for all practical purposes is "No, you can't make it a 4x4."

16th Apr 2007, 22:13

That's completely not true. Though you would pour a lot of money into buying a kit or new parts... doing a 2 to 4-wheel drive switch would not be as bad as it seems. If you bought new parts or a kit it would run you anywhere from 2 to 5 thousand dollars. But if you cannibalized, as aforementioned, another 4-wheel drive truck and rebuild the parts, that needed to be, you could pull the job off for around a grand or less. Think about it this way: you can buy a whole truck for less than a grand. I just bought a 73 f100 that needed the engine rebuilt for a mere 500 dollars. If you have the time and money... my advice is go for it!

3rd Jun 2007, 09:56

A beast is exactly what I would call my 1975 F100! The steering is so loose I could turn the wheel and not make the turn until next week! I love it!! LOL.

21st Feb 2008, 20:16

I got my 1972 f-100 for 320. The only thing I had to put into it was a new starter. As I got home from where I bought it my friend pulled up with his newly acquired 1997 Camaro. not the z28 but a camaro none the less geared the same. We decided to go race on the freeway, going about 50mph down the ramp when I kicked into 2nd my beast burned out and left the poor chevy in the dust. I love when people in their cars think the can beat my Truck.

6th Apr 2008, 23:08

Have a 1967 Ford 100 step side, 29000 original miles - straight 6 - 240 engine runs like a top. Oh yeah, did I mention it is a 4 speed 4wheel drive? Haven't been able to find another that hasn't been modified - or swapped out motor.

Need to see pics of one totally restored. Possible sale.

22nd May 2008, 15:36

I just bought my Dad a 1969 F100 with a blown 302 and it was stick, no power steering, no disc brakes. I did what I thought was a great idea, I bought a crashed 1977 F150 with a 351m, c6 tranny, electronic ignition, power steering and disc brakes. I changed everything over to the F100. Everything came out great, but the front of the truck dropped 2 inches because of weight change. Soooo my question is does anyone know were to get a lift kit for a two wheel drive?

22nd Jun 2008, 13:44

I have a 1972 Ford F100... with a 300 6 cylinder... bored 30 over, the head has been worked, and the crank has been stroked and polished. I've lowered the rear by taking 3 of the 5 leaf springs out.

I need to know what's the best way to lower the front... if I need to cut or heat the springs or what?

Thanks from a fellow gear head.


3rd Nov 2008, 08:43

I've transmission trouble and had to put a carrier bearing my truck.

20th Jan 2009, 05:38

I was just given a 1972 F100 Custom Sport, 302 with three on the tree. And a beast it is. I replaced all gaskets on the carb to stop the leaking, replaced the alternator and voltage regulator, changed the oil and plugs and bypassed the gas tank to a gas can to get her started. She fired up first try.

Totally awesome truck!!!

I have two questions though:

1) The tank line is plugged, I can clear it up by forcing air through it, but it just plugs up again. Any way of getting the rust out without replacing the tank?

And 2) How do you bleed the front brakes, can't really get anything on the bleeder valve and don't want to break anything?

In case I forgot to mention it, I am only the second owner and she has sat for the last seven years in one spot and never been touched. I haven't really worked on anything like this for about 20 years, feels great to get back into it. Any help would be appreciated.

19th Sep 2009, 22:21

I have a 1972 F100 Custom, working out the kinks right now, a little bit of body work (cutting out rusted lower front fenders and rooftop near edge) and replacing the original 360 truck engine, with same type of engine.

Truck is sitting on top of F250 front and rear axles, brakes. Looks like will have to remove the front coil spring booster which was installed to make the truck level out, but the wheel camber is way out because of this. Anyone else done anything to level out the truck and how did you do it? There is some aftermarket front axles that will do the job, but pricey... we are located in El Paso, Texas area.

19th May 2010, 17:19

I just bought a 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Sport with no idea what I was getting myself into other than I was in love! I am the third owner, the truck is 14 years older than I am. Of course I now have to start doing work on it starting with a new engine- she has a 302 V8 but was not the original. Everyone is telling me to get rid of it and take the loss but I can't! I'm in love! Any suggestions about what to do?

8th Nov 2010, 13:43

I have a 1972 Ford Ranger. I love my truck. My grandpa gave me it. I put in a new motor (a 460 big block) and a pair of 38 inch mudd boggers. It's a bad ass truck.

Before my grandpa died, he told me to never put a for sale sign on the dash. I promised I never would (may his soul rest in peace) (r.i.p 1929-2008)

24th Nov 2010, 18:36

I love my 1972 F100 4x4. But kind of have a problem when I'm playing in the mud; no power steering. I can manage, but would love to be able to solve the problem. So I have found were several people have converted the 1972 F100's to power steering. But I have not found enough information to be able to do so myself. If someone has done the project and been very successful please let me know what, how, and were you got the items needed.


17th May 2011, 17:09

Nice. I do have a 1972 F100 Sport custom 4x4, 360/390. I jumps out of holes, not a good freeway truck. It's a beast.

23rd Sep 2011, 14:19

What I did was take the front pulleys off of a 1985 302, and add the power steering pump. You can buy the steering gear at almost any parts store, and you are good to go. You might have to have the hoses custom made.

15th Jan 2012, 22:59

Try a spring set from a 360 powered truck or 3/4 ton.

24th Mar 2014, 00:10

I love my 72 Sport Custom 4x4. My problem is my steering box went out and I can't find one... Any ideas?

25th May 2014, 10:59

I have a 1972 Sport Custom, all original. Good truck, a lot of mile's on mine though. Needs minor repairs now. 298,000 miles. All original air breather changed from oil bath.