1978 Ford F150 XLT Lariat 351c.i. 2bbl from North America


The Best Damn Truck On The Road!


The things that have gone wrong? Well, it doesn't switch between gas tanks. And I thought it did, so I ran it out of gas. When I put gas in it and tried to start it, nothing happened. Later on I thought I fixed the fuel valve switch. But I was wrong, as it wouldn't start. Then my friend got an air hose and put some air in the tank, and it started right up.

When the hubs are locked, there is a vibration. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with it!

I spilled brake fluid on the seat, so now I have to get another seat and seat belts.

General Comments:

I have owned 6 Fords from 70-79. I have no complaint except for the rust in the wheel wells. It is the strongest, most reliable, built-to-last, takes whatever you throw at it truck on the road! I love it! I probably will not own another car or truck. But since Ford in '73-'79 didn't have a Cummins in it, I just might have to put one in my truck!

My 1978 Ford XLT Lariat has to be one of the best condition Ford I have owned! It also cost me the most at $1200, but it has served me well. I am going to put 3/4 ton suspension on it and maybe find some Dana 60's for it one day! It has a 351m ci 2bbl, 4spd, 4x4. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

I also have a 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger. It has a 460ci out of a motor home, a C6, that has taken a lot of abuse. I feel bad for doing it since I love the old fords! Currently it needs a lifter to be put in. I put a 750cfm Edelbroke on it and electric fuel pump. It has never started on the second time, but always the first time! I put a 20inLx6inW hood scoop on it! It is a mean looking Bronco.

Currently there are 4 Ford in my dads yard. 2 are his and 2 are mine.

My dads 2 trucks are:

1978 Ford 1ton 4x4 has: a 460ci, 4spd, Dually rear end. 1,000lbs Tommy Lift Gate, also has a 12,000lbs warn winch! No rust on this Behemyth! Thats the name of it: the Behemyth. Currently the 460 is throwing distributors at 55mph, so it is basically a rescue truck. But I have not seen a truck as nice as that.

His other truck is a plow truck; a 1979 Ford 3/4 4spd 4x4. This truck has been abused badly. The 4spd is not the NP-435 or a T-18; its some light duty 80s 4spd. Miles are unknown. It has a 400bb in it. It rides on 33x12.5x16 BFG A/Ts. But it does its job well.

I have turned my dad into a Ford man!! I changed him from Chevy!! The plan for the Behemyth is to do a Cummins swap! That will need a 4in lift and a Cummins motor!

I am glad to see so many '73-'79 Ford fans!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008

1978 Ford F150 Custom 300 ci I 6 from North America


Best truck ever


3 on the tree shift linkage broke

Some wear on seats

Replaced fuel pump

Replaced carb.

General Comments:

My grandpa owned the truck before me. He bought it new in 1979. He used it as a farm truck till he retired. In the 80's my grandparents started traveling to New Mexico from Illinois every winter hauling an in bed camper. The shifting started getting to him and he gave me the truck. It had never had any problems till the shifter broke on me and is probably the easiest truck I've ever worked on, I highly recommend a 70's Ford truck to anyone.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2006

21st Nov 2006, 19:26

WOW!! Thanks for this review. As a big fan of Ford trucks I love reading about these 300,000+ milers. It goes to show that the Japanese don't have the bragging rights they think they do. Some time ago I saw a guy with the hood up on an old F-150. I asked if he needed a jump start and he said yes. Then he went on to say "I guess it's about time I started having a little trouble with it. It's only got 345,000 miles on it".