1983 Ford F150 351w from North America


A pure reliable workhorse


Replaced the steering gear box at 400,000 miles.

Rebuilt the Carb at 350,000 miles.

Rebuilt the engine at 250,000 miles.

Rebuilt the Transmission at 540,000 miles.

Replaced rear differential and axle at 500,000.

Overhauled the AC system at 385,000 miles.

The vehicle is in need of paint and the fenders are rusting out.

General Comments:

This has been a great vehicle. I bought it new in 1983 for $5,800. I have spent over the years probably in the neighborhood of $8,000 in repairs (excludes normal maintenance and service). I have had nothing but good experiences with Ford trucks. I also have a 1988 full size Bronco (in excellent shape) and a 2001 F-150 (my wife drives it). But the old 1983 F150 just keeps on trucking and I use it now for hauling, fishing, camping and just plain fun.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

6th Nov 2002, 16:54

It is always good to hear how tough ford really is. I now have three ford f150 trucks 83,83,89. One of the 83's is used for plowing snow, pulling stumps and leveling ground and pushing dump trucks loads of dirt. Not just a little dirt, but, about 50 loads of dirt. The truck is still running OK and is waiting now on the winter plowing again.


3rd Mar 2006, 13:36

I am contemplating buying a 1983 F150 XLT inline 6 cylinder, 4.9L truck with 60,000 original miles. It has some undercarriage rust and has $1800 worth of engine work. What do you think this truck is worth?

15th Jan 2011, 17:11

My Grandpa gave me his 83 f150 that he bought brand new in November of '82. The truck had 385,000 miles on it and still running. I had the 300IL6 rebuilt for $1400, and replaced some other stuff like alternator and battery. But it runs like a champ now.

18th Apr 2013, 08:46

I have the same exact truck, down to the motor. It is a very tough and reliable truck, and it surprisingly gets great mileage while towing 3 to 6 thousand pounds.

I've looked it up, and that model and year of truck is made for towing and hauling. AKA the truck can pull whatever you can fit in the box and on the trailer. And the suspension barely squatted when I had 7 thousand on it.

LOVE THIS TRUCK! No rebuilds whatsoever and running like new.

- Cody

1983 Ford F150 4.9 300cc I-6 from North America


A stylish hauler


Some ball joints needed replacing, the rear leaf spring hangars twisted and rusted (It towed a 6,000 lb boat for 5 years), the oil pan is rotted out, and due for paint on cab corners.

General Comments:

Despite it demanding all of my income, (I'm just a poor college student) I love this truck. I haven't towed with it, but I can feel the torque in the engine. I like the way it handles too. I'm rather upset at Ford for not carrying this color anymore either. Electric red metallic has no match on the road today. The closest I've seen is Chrysler's "garnet." And the flare side lends a nod to yesteryear while still looking modern. This truck has style. I love it.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2001

1st May 2013, 21:00

I have a 1983 F150 300 I6 3 speed with granny, and I have to say it is by far the best truck I've ever had.

I bought it with 345k miles on it about 2 years ago, and have since put nearly 100k on it.

The motor was rebuilt at 330k miles. The tranny is still factory (minus the clutch of course).

Had an electrical problem with the headlight switch ($15), and that was taken care of!

Due for front end work, and a new ring and pinion, but other than that, it runs like a champ. It will pull a house off its foundation and will crawl up any mountain! I personally have hauled over 6k pounds with it; no problems, other than stopping!

1983 Ford F150 XLT straight 6 one barrel carb from North America


The best truck a person could ever own!


July 7, 1999: Nothing for the most part, had to have a carb rebuild and a couple of gasket replacements and an exhaust system, but it has run non stop since its creation.

General Comments:

Highly recommended because it will keep on truckin' whenever you need it. Easy to fix, very common to find parts, and no computer stuff that costs a mint and a fortune to replace!

Very easy to modify too... Just added a big stereo with an amp and two 12" subs. Stock speakers really work good too. Also added a overload kit so it can take more load.

If you don't have one, go out and buy one! Trust me, you will be pleased!!!!! :-)

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Review Date: 14th January, 2001