1996 Ford F150 Eddie Bauer 302 from North America


It is my opinion that this pick-up truck was built to last and it has served me well


Front fuel pump went bad around 119,000 miles.

Stabilizer bar bushing went bad around 120,000 miles. U-joints went bad about 129,000 miles. Gave it a tune up at 129,000 miles. Plugs on front of top of motor started leaking anti-freeze on to fuel inject box causing sluggishness and poor mileage around 256,000 miles. It is just no need wheel alignment, heater core and main seal is leaking at 268,000 plus miles.

General Comments:

This is the first vehicle I have owned with less than $2,000.00 maintainence, and I have owned it for 8 years.

It is also the first vehicle I have gotten to enjoy for 4 years with out payments.

The seats have lumbar support at the touch of a button.

The A/C still works great. The power windows still work great.

The lighter still works great.

Cruise control works great.

Windshield washer and wipers work great.

Remotes for door locks work great after 8 years of owning vehicle and have never replaced a battery for them.

Both gas tanks work great.

It is time for a new vehicle though, and it is my desire to find a pick up truck that will service me as well as this one has.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2006

1996 Ford F150 in-line 6 from North America


Best car I have ever owned


1996 F150 2WD

Timing belt replaced once.

Brakes pads replaced twice.

AC compressor replaced at about 210,000 miles.

Had some wind noise (whistle) on the passenger door at 55 mph.

General Comments:

1996 F150 2WD

Solid truck, have towed cars hundreds of miles. Cruises all day and all night on the interstate at 65 to 75 mph.

Solid on loose rock and mountain ranch roads. Plenty of clearance underneath.

Good in snow and Wisconsin winters, with an extra 600 lbs in the back.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2005

31st May 2008, 06:50

I'm a little confused. Reason being that there isn't a "timing belt" in the engines offered for 1996 F150s. Thought all engines were of push rod internal cam design.

17th Jul 2010, 17:08

Maybe the engine in this F150 is the 5.1 L V8 302.. not the IL6, 4.9. I am pretty sure the former has a timing belt and you are right about the IL6, no chain or belt...

26th Apr 2011, 15:06

He is right about the timing belts, but my truck is a 1996 F-150 XLT with a 5.8 liter V8, and has never gotten stuck, and has gone through everything I have thrown at it.

6th Aug 2013, 08:21

Timing belt in a 302?

That would be, what I call it, wrong.

1996 Ford F150 Eddie Bauer 3.0 V8 from North America


The 1996 Ford F-150 Eddie Bauer is a tough, comfortable, economical truck.


The clutch failed at 70,000 miles.

The universal joint failed at 80,000 miles.

The radiator and ball joints failed at 96,000 miles.

General Comments:

This truck is reliable. It works hard as a daily commuter, weekend furniture mover, and tailgate party vehicle.

The small V-8 is powerful, but not a gas hog. It delivers 20 mpg on the highway. regular oil changes have been the only service required.

The clutch is low and sudden, even when newly replaced, and cannot be adjusted. For an uninitiated driver this can cause jerky shifting. I get around this by not letting family and friends borrow my truck.

The seats are supportive, adjustable for lumbar support and recline, although when pushed all the way back, there is not much room for reclining as the cab is on the short side.

The truck rides with a quiet, steady authority. It looks and feels like it was put together with care and skill.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004

14th Mar 2005, 06:59

I also have a 1996 Eddie Bauer f-150. It has 115,000 miles on it. The ball joints are out and the clutch is starting to go. this is the second one. Aside from that, it shifts fairly smoothly. I have been in man f-150's and mine is the least comfortable of them all. It is kind of loud going down the road. Of all the problems it has, I still love the truck and wouldn't call it a bad truck. It is a good truck, runs good, and all that, it could just be a little nicer.

8th May 2005, 23:37

I picked up my '96 f150 EB about 2 years ago from the original owner. A well maintained truck with 65,000 miles. Stock, Spit-shined and its still turning heads.

Its used as a work truck (construction) during the week and week-end Taxi for the kids.

Problems; Brakes replaced about 70,000

Water pump replaced at 86,200

Tires replaced at 87,500

A/C clutch replaced 90,000 (Probably affected by moisture when water pump was leaking) Good Truck? GREAT TRUCK!

12th Oct 2008, 09:03

I had an 1996 Ford 150 with my pest control, and now I have a 1996 EB five speed nice truck, and yes it still turns heads too. I forgot that a full size truck likes fuel and this loves it. The 4.9 six cylinder can pull though. Love the truck; it was for limited use anyway.