2006 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition 5.4 V8 Triton from North America


Sharp full size truck!


It's a recent purchase.

Plugs to be expected.

New tires and new brakes this year, coil packs, one cat, and an oil leak fixed according to detailed receipts from the former owner. Nothing major. I have personally known this vehicle since it was new and it was owned by an older friend who was downsizing his vehicles. I have a folder of receipts. Taken in for even minor details over the years. I haven't had issues to comment on. But have all the paperwork from the beginning.

General Comments:

This was a rare find in this overall condition. I love finding used vehicles like this example. Beautifully detailed by a detail shop and dropped off every couple of weeks! Former owner friend from a Corvette Club and also a Harley Davidson Street Glide owner. Owned nice vintage Corvettes over the years. Looks like a new truck, even though it is a 2006. I bought it because of it being the rarer Harley Davidson Edition in black and the fact I had 2 Harley Davidsons (Night Train and Heritage Classic, both Softails) until recently but just sold. The low number serial number plate is very cool for this model year. Nice stance. They haven't been made since 2012 I believe, but may return. Ford switched to offering a Platinum Edition.

I knew the owner and how he was meticulous on its care. Always maintained by a dealer or shop. He doesn't even own tools in his garage. Mint in and out. Never towed anything or even had anything ever carried in its bed such as furniture etc.

The inside is like a nice luxury SUV. I won't be driving it a lot; maybe 1-2k a year. Previous owner was a professional who drove it only to work as a toy and loves Harley Davidsons. I really like the leather interior like on motorcycles. Seems a thicker leather and different grain.

I already own a Arctic White Silverado, but bought this too because it's cool. This has the solid aftermarket bed cover, which limits its bed use like my other truck with a bedliner.

The Factory Harley Davidson chrome wheels on larger tires are beautiful. The rear Ford badge I had buffed out to more resemble nickel look to match the Harley Davidson metal emblems on the exterior. Has the 5.4 Triton which had the notorious plugs changed.

The limited time I have had it, it has had numerous compliments even when simply driving it through the inspection lane. I may even enter it in some mixed car shows involving late models next year.

Off topic, but another close car friend found an absolutely mint 59 black El Camino (GM) with a similar owner story. 1st year body style. Garage kept with nothing ever carried in the bed! So it never did any real work of any kind. Back then they were used not be preserved, so quite a rare find as well. Patiently waited 35 years to find the right one for his collection. People with these creampuff vehicles do have daily drivers. These are just something fun to own and take out. And pass on someday to the next lucky owner/buyer.

Thanks for reading.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2018

2006 Ford F150 STX 4.6L Triton from North America


A great reliable truck as long as you take care of it


Replaced front wheel bearings at 170000.

Replaced all brake rotors at 170000.

Replaced spark plugs at 160000 (they did not break on me, but I think it was because they had already been replaced before with aftermarket plugs. I know the 4.6L engines from these years were notorious for plugs breaking in the cylinder head, but I know they did make a special removal tool to get the plugs out a lot easier).

The outside edge of the driver's seat that is made of cloth wears thin and rips to make a pretty big hole fairly easily; it was like that when I bought the truck, but I have seen the exact same wear mark in the same spot on a bunch of other 04-08 F150s.

The transmission felt like it was slipping for about the last 10k miles that I had it, but I never did a transmission fluid service, because I wasn't sure when the last one was done or if one was ever done, and I didn't want to mess it up more by changing it with high miles, but when I traded it in, it was still running fine.

The engine always ran great with no problems ever. I always changed the oil every 3k miles with Mobil 1.

Changed the oil pan gasket at 160000 due to a slight leak, but that fixed it.

I got about 14 MPG average, but I never changed the fuel filter out.

General Comments:

This was a great truck. I could fit my motorcycle in the bed, and I took it from North Carolina to Kansas and back twice, both times with over 100,000 miles on the truck already, and it never gave me any trouble, even with my aggressive driving habits, and never left me stranded. It handled about as good as a long bed extended cab truck could.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2015