2010 Ford F150 Raptor 6.2 liter from North America


I've been very disappointed in this truck


Valve spring broke just shy of 100,000 miles, which led to a rebuild of the top end of the engine, including new valve springs, camshafts and sprockets, timing chains and a valve job. Admittedly the truck was used when I purchased it, and I have no way of knowing how the truck was treated earlier in its life, but I don't believe there is any way a valve spring should have broke. Thankfully, no damage was done to the cylinder walls. I also had to replace the torque converter because one of the bolts used to fasten the torque converter to the flywheel had broke loose from the weld.

The transmission is now beginning to slip, so I'm about to check that out. Not likely, but I suppose it could be low on transmission fluid.

I blame no one but myself, because it appears as though I purchased a truck that was not properly maintained by a previous owner.

General Comments:

The truck is a beast and is one of the most comfortable vehicles I've ever owned. But no way will I ever purchase a Raptor again, as it has not been reliable and requires a lot of money to upkeep. I have almost always purchased used vehicles, and I've never purchased a vehicle that was such a mechanical nightmare. I may be done with Ford.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2019

26th Jul 2019, 21:16

Trucks are the top selling vehicle in the USA because they do a little of everything. They are a people mover... hauler for about everything I can think of... a good work vehicle, commercial and private. But the trade off is that they are big, unruly, massive gas sucking beasts on the road. And can be very expensive to maintain. I have a big 2009 Nissan Titan with only 12,000 miles on it, but everything is falling apart on it. If you want a simple gas saving, mind saving vehicle, buy a Toyota Corolla not a truck. I have had only two trucks in my life... a F150 Ford and a Nissan Titan. Both have broken my heart more times than I can count...

2010 Ford F150 XL 4.6 2v from North America


Replaced brake pads, u-joints and tie rod ends.

General Comments:

This is a great truck, 4.6 2v V8 powerhouse! The same engine that powered cop cars and taxis for 300,000 miles easily in Crown Vics and Grand Marquis! I have the work truck with just the basics such as roll down windows and rubber floor! Less to go wrong!!

Since day 1 I never had a lick of trouble; just basic maintenance to keep her running good! Changed the coils and plugs and keep full synthetic oil in it, and keep up with all maintenance! I'm not easy on this 2 wheel drive long bed; it hauls huge loads of rock, gravel, dirt and firewood with no problems! Love the ease of working on this truck too; you can see and work on the engine if needed. Love the 4.6 2 valve and I believe this was the last year it was put into an F150 pickup.

Fires right up in below zero weather, lots of passing and pulling power, good braking; even with almost 250,000 miles it looks and runs like it came off the showroom floor! Averages about 17 MPG in summer and 15 in the winter. This truck is a reliable tank. I like it so much I want another one for when this one rusts out in 10 years, so I'll have a backup! Best vehicle I ever owned, along with my old 2000 F150 4.2 V6 and a 94 Grand Marquis!

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Review Date: 12th January, 2018

2010 Ford F150 XLT 4.6 3V from North America


Best truck on the market, period



General Comments:

I am getting 20 MPG.

The truck pulls my trailer well; it weighs 7000 pounds.

It is the most comfortable thing I have been in.

I love this truck. I was always a Chevy and Dodge guy, but no more. Ford trucks are the only ones to buy.

I have the extended cab, and it is just as roomy as my four door Dodge Ram was.

The 4.6 has plenty of power; I never feel like I need more.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2013

2010 Ford F150 FX4 6.5 Box 5.4 from North America


I love this truck... I was a GM man... now a Ford man!!


Nothing so far... knock on wood.

General Comments:

Loads of space (especially the back seat), nice power, and I find it pretty good on gas for the engine/size of vehicle.

The only minor complaints I have are the turning radius, but it does have a large wheelbase, so it is expected. The second complaint I have is how fast the leather is wearing... hopefully it lasts.

Things I love:

Heated seats.

Electronic locking diff.

Passenger space front and rear.


The 5.4 is detuned for a longer lifespan.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2010