10th Feb 2002, 08:52

I don't know what you guys put these trucks through but my dad has a 1997 F-150 and at 171 000kms not a problem. It has a regular maintenance schedule. Maybe you guys should try that!

12th Jun 2002, 00:09

I don't know what you guys are talking about either. I got a '97 F150 with the V6 and it's been a dream.. It has 90k on it and the engine runs like new! That 4.2 is solid, I should know! I smoke the tires all the time! (is there anything better to do with firestone tires?) Perhaps you should try putting oil in these new engines of yours and see if that helps.

31st Aug 2002, 00:49

My 1997 ford F-150 XLT 5.4 liter has been the best, but just a month ago it started having problems and now with 80000 miles its been all over and No one Can figure why the engine is having a mis-fire.

18th Oct 2002, 20:12

I have a 1997 F150, 4.6L, Auto. Tow a 8000 lb boat. Dealer installed 4.10 gears. Still get 22+ mpg solo and 10+ towing. Truck has 110k miles on it and runs and looks like new. Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you. Best truck ever. Had 84, 86, 88, 91 Chevys and all were oil burners and tranny eaters.

30th Oct 2002, 17:01

Great comments everyone! I have a 97 F150 4x4 with the 4.6L and 80K. It's a great truck and I love it. I also have many good friends with F150's and most of them have had few problems also. The point I am going to make is that no matter who the manufacturer is, what the engine size is, 4x4 or 2 wheeler, some trucks are going to be lemons. It sounds like the original writer of the review got a bad one, but it is unfair to claim that every Ford truck is junk just because his truck is flawed. It doesn't matter if it's a Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, or Ford, there are going to be some good ones and some bad ones.

16th Sep 2003, 07:59

I just purchased a 2003 F150 4.2L V6 Auto and I just completely love it. It's the best vehicle I've owned. I'm already having a problem with the A/C drain water dripping onto my carpet on the passenger side and am bringing it into the dealer today to have the problem fixed. I made the first oil change at 600 miles and again at 2000 miles just to make sure it had perfect oil for break in. The V6 is just as fast as the Triton V8. The V6 has 202 horsepower and the V8 has 225 horsepower, but the V8 is geared differently and is just a tad faster than mine in the quarter mile. I didn't go with the V6 to save money, my truck, fully loaded sport edition, cost me 29,000.00. I could have purchased a Mercedes for that. I went with the 6 because it got better gas mileage and I wouldn't be tempted to do burn outs at every light. It has plenty of passing power and feels like a strong motor.

One tip to keep your engine running great for a long time. Be patient. In the morning, even when it's warm out, wait until your RPM's drop down under 1000 before engaging the transmission and driving the truck. This will give your engine ample time to properly circulate the oil and warm up before you put strain on it. If you start it up, crank the a/c, stick it in drive and take off like a mad man, your just asking for trouble.


26th Feb 2011, 17:32

I love my truck, which is an F150. No problem for years, but now my head lights won't go on, and my bright light, I have to hold to stay on, and now my alarm goes off when I open my locked door. Can anyone suggest a cure?