14th Dec 2003, 17:18

Update from the owner of this truck: Nearly one year later (December 2003, and I now have 313,000 miles on this truck. It is driven daily, and on work trips that average over 400 round trip miles, at least once every two weeks. I never hesitate to head out wherever I need to go.

I have still never been inside the engine or transmission, but I did recently have to replace the water pump again (more the fault of Autozone's water pump than the truck).

Also, replaced the throttle position switch at 300,000, and this has killed my cruise control. Haven't figured out why just yet.

Can you believe, I drove this truck for 305,000 miles without putting a dent in it, and it was hit while parked on my company's parking lot by the janitor service before sunrise a few weeks ago. Caved in the cab under the passenger-side supercab window (behind passenger door). They deny it, of course. What a bummer.

I'll let you know when and if I hit 350,000 miles.

10th May 2004, 14:51

One last posting from the (former) owner of this truck. I finally decided to part with the truck. Having never been back to the dealer for any service, I sold this truck with 322,000 miles to the Service Manager at the local Ford dealer. A team of half dozen or so Ford mechanics looked it over for him and could not believe that it had all those miles on it, especially the transmission specialist who said he had never seen the 4OD auto go that far without a major repair.

After 10 years of reliable service, I am hopeful for a similar experience with the replacement, a 2002 F150 Supercrew with a 4.6 L and a SUNROOF!

3rd Jan 2006, 14:29

Man I had a 94 and I wish the transmission was as good as the one you had. I had it replaced at only 130k! I sold it when I knew it was gonna give out eventually it only got to 198k.

5th Feb 2008, 19:07

I just purchased a 94 F-150 XLT 4x4. It's a fantastic truck and it already has 260,000 miles on it. I hope after reading some of the comments here that I can get to over 300,000 miles. I'll be happy as it'll probably take me 4 years to put the 50,000 miles on it.

The front end is a little sloppy, but stops true and brakes fantastic. The 4x4 works great too along with the 4OD. I hope the front end is only a wheel alignment. Gots new tires on it.

22nd Aug 2009, 15:13

Yeah, I have a 94 Ford F150 XL 5.8W V8 that I bought for $400. Cheap, but it has over 273K miles on it and it runs good. I just need another E4OD transmission and I will be back on the road. Our 91 Ford F150 has a 5.8W and an E4OD transmission as well, and it also has 110K miles on the original drivetrain. They're good trucks to have.