1994 Ford F150 XLT 2wd short bed reg cab 5.0 multi port from North America


My truck is life changing


Driver's headlight.

TPS sensor.

AIC module.

New air filter; the previous owner put in a cheapo cleanable air cleaner, and it was soaked in the stuff used to clean them with. A tip for you, don't over oil your aftermarket air filters; they will dirty your MAF and temperature sensor in the air box.

Motorcraft plugs; didn't need them, but I always do a tuneup on new to me vehicles.

Accel perf wires just upgraded; wasn't necessary.

Accel cap, rotor, coil not needed.

General Comments:

I have been thru my share of vehicles in my young life, and this 94 F150 is my absolute favorite!! I thought I was a Chevy guy until I bought this. I can't ever go back.

I found mine with 120,000; a short bed, short cab! Just like I always wanted in a truck. I paid 1000$, and in my opinion I wouldn't even sell it if you handed me 5000$ for it.

Mine came with a few issues, and I'm proud to say that finally I have an awesome project truck. It came with tinted windows and a stereo system that I upgraded even more; 500 RMS is a lot in a short bed. I haven't even reached its peak of power, and it's a monster!!

There's a ton of aftermarket parts for this truck; that's a big plus. It's not cheap to lower, but you can't beat how much abuse the stock suspension will take and keep on going. I have 20" wheels on mine, and it is rare calypso green with custom forest green fading up, with an old ground effects step and wheel covers.

I talk to my truck, I treat my truck like family, and mine was from south, so there's little to no rust on the cab. That is right, I still have my fenders LOL.

I will have this very truck until I pass it down to my child, but in the meantime, I'm looking for the same year, but a 4x4 4 door to give him a brother.

If you are looking to get one, you should. Any one of the three engines they offered, if taken care of previously, will last forever. Maintenance required LOL. Good luck

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Review Date: 9th November, 2013

1994 Ford F150 XLT 5.0 from North America


Gets the hell beat out of it, and asks for more


Stock alternator at 205,000.

Truck overheated on hot days. Radiator cooling fins clogged with mud. The previous owner drove it hot, thinking it was only the gauge. Put in a new radiator, and no problems since.

Tensioner broke off due to me over tightening after cleaning it, because it was kind of sticking. Didn't cause any problems; just tinkering with stuff and broke it.

Caliper at 208,000.

Starter at 209,000; still worked, just lagged.

210,000; front axle u-joint had about a half inch of play in it from 4x4 use and abuse.

213,000; 1 bad ball joint, but replaced all 4.

Radius arm bushings at 213,000. My fault, I give the truck hell, I don't baby my stuff like Chevy owners do. If getting something done means my truck has to die, it'll die.

215,000; replaced the stock water pump. It still worked fine, but had a very slight leak from a weep hole, which was like barely noticeable, but replaced before it did go out. Water pump was fused to the timing cover from being on there so long I guess, and I managed to break 4 out of the 7 bolts with little effort, because they were rusted in half, but just welded a nut to the remainder of the bolt, and it came right out.

General Comments:

I've had to do quite a bit of stuff to the truck, but I go around looking for problems just to give me something to do, and trying to get the truck solid again after a lifetime of abuse, the only major part that has been replaced was the tranny by the previous owner, which he replaced somewhere around 190,000, and just like me he beat the hell out of it. If you had seen the truck, you would understand.

When I got the truck, I couldn't hardly find a part that WASN'T stock. The previous owners virtually had not had to replace anything... so now I do.

I floor the truck usually at least once a day, haul over-sized loads (once I ripped the receiving hitch off from the trailer being too heavy, and now have to use a bumper hitch). Pulled on the scales one day and weighed over 17,000 lbs with a 20ft trailer stacked with fire wood.

The truck has never failed to start; even in zero degree temps, it starts in a second.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2013

20th Nov 2013, 11:14

"I don't baby my stuff like Chevy owners do."

Don't be so sure about that. I don't have as many miles on my truck as you do, but my GMC has never been "babied". I'm currently at 113k miles (bought brand new in '06) and just like you said, use, abuse, and then go back and fix. The body on my truck is still in decent shape, but I don't avoid situations because I'm afraid of scratching, scuffing, or denting the body. I drove mine down from Alaska to Georgia a few years ago, and plan to drive it back when the time comes.

Glad you had good luck with your truck. Hope it keeps on kicking for you. All the companies (foreign or domestic) came out with some really incredible vehicles.