1994 Ford F150 XLT 4.9L I6 from North America


Great truck


Door pins around 90,000 miles.

Seats wore badly at 150,000 miles.

Fender wells rusted at 125,000 miles.

General Comments:

Great truck, lasted 16 years so far, would trust it to run a few more.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2010

1st Aug 2010, 14:34

Last good Ford truck, and with that wonderful 4.9 inline six (last inline six I know of in a truck). Hang on to it, it's all downhill from there!

28th Jun 2015, 21:09

Hello, what's up? Just read your comment about the wheel wells rotting out in about 125k miles. I just bought a truck, it's a 94 F150 XL. There is like no rust on the wheel wells.

1994 Ford F150 XLT 4.9 inline 6 from North America


Makes a great light duty work truck


Broken leaf spring at 130,000.

A/C compressor seized at 130,000.

Black paint getting worn, but looks good if waxed often.

Have yet to figure out why the horn, cruise control and power outlets don't work.

General Comments:

I use this as my work truck on the pipeline. I carry a 105 gallon diesel tank in the back, and tow an air compressor from time to time. It is a great light duty work truck, but I shy away from towing with this truck. It has decent torque, but dogs out hauling up hills here in Colorado.

I really like the fact that I can work on it myself, aside from some kind of electrical problem I gave up on.

I plan on stepping up to a F-250 with a V8, but am not in a hurry, this is a good 'ol truck.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2010

20th May 2013, 15:23

Your problem is the clock spring located in your steering wheel; it also affects your air bags, they're not working...

1994 Ford F150 XL 4.9 300 from North America


This has been a great FORD


Had to replace the transmission at about 200000.

Had to replace an attenuator at ? miles.

Had to replace leaf springs at 125000 miles.

Had to replace the water pump 275000 miles.

General Comments:

I bought this truck in Washington state in 2006. It has served me very well.

Broke a rod at 325000 miles. First time the engine had ever been opened up. I will rebuild it.

Would like to replace the 4.9 300 with a 1991 302, but haven't found any good info for the swap yet.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2010

23rd Mar 2010, 19:04

To the one who wants to replace a 300 for a 302, my personal advice is DON'T. The 300 is more reliable, lasts longer, and is simpler, I have a '82 and a 94, both are 300, great engines.

Julio N everett, WA.

1994 Ford F150 XLT 5.0 from North America


Nothing on earth is tougher or more reliable than a 94 F150


I had a wiring harness fall off the transmission once at about 200K, and I had a hard time finding a replacement. And the slave cylinder has went out once at about 220K, requiring me to remove the transmission and install another one. A few small fixes here and there like door handles, window switches, and other miscellaneous fixes, but nothing else very major.

General Comments:

Toughest vehicle ever made. I've hit deer, a cow, a monstrous round boulder, several trees (ranging from saplings to huge fallen pines), broken through 2 frozen lakes; sure they were very luckily only around 3ft both times, and the cow and larger trees were only around 20 to 30mph. All this bone stock!

The deer only bent my licence plate, I just rammed the cow to the ground without a dent, and the trees and boulder were just unlucky enough to be in my way, so I ran em over. The boulder was impressive; it was as big as one of the old 24" box TVs. I hit it going at least 45. I just banged over it, first lifting my front end over it and beating up my bumper a tiny bit, then dragged it in my undercarriage before it caught something big enough to let my rear end jump it and finally touch ground.

I've had it stuck in mud, snow, and ice at least 7 times a year. So bad 3 times I had to use heavy equipment. If you've ever been a serious off roader, you know getting stuck in mud and snow is very hard on your rig, and this one's been BAD stuck at least 20 times without any ensuing problems. And all this without any major fixes, and mileage at over 200,000. As a matter of fact, I've been trying to break it town ever since it hit around 230,000. I just can't do it. I'm getting close though, but I've thought that for 30K. No Dodge or Chevy ever made, at least after 1980, could ever take that kind of abuse.

This truck has outlived 4 other vehicles I've owned. I would put my life on the line in this truck, no joke. It will start every time no matter what, even in the dead 40 below zero cold of Wyoming winter. This truck has seen it all, and never left me with a bad thing to say about it. Even in the cold, the heater's scalding hot in minutes, and the A.C. will freeze you out even a 110 outside. I can't imagine not having this truck for the rest of my life. It may only be worth around a thousand, but I wouldn't sell it for 20K. And any major fix would be worth more than it, but I'll fix it no matter the cost.

The old golden boy as I refer to it, because it is champagne (which looks gold) in color, is absolutely the best vehicle I've ever owned, and that includes cars and trucks, ranging from Chevy Impalas to Porsches. It is indestructible, and it's back to being my daily driver since everything else is wrecked or broke down. If given the choice between a 94 F150 with a 100k on it or a brand new 60 thousand dollar diesel truck, I'd take the 94. How's that for a review, sounds like I love my truck doesn't it. Hope it helps someone make a great decision in the future.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2009

4th Feb 2010, 12:06

Where can I find that trans. harness? Where did you look?

9th Feb 2012, 16:21

I would like to know too. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find the tranny wiring harness.

22nd May 2012, 18:19

I have been on the edge, but after reading this review I made the purchase. 1994 F-150 4X4 300 - 6 cylinder.

The review described exactly what I want and need.

Weekend driver, woods truck, and something for hauling from the home store.

Years ago I had a 1969 F-100. Best truck I ever owned. Wished I never got rid of it. Hope the 1994 will fill the void.

8th Feb 2013, 21:46

Good review! I will be an owner of one tomorrow!