1994 Ford F150 XLT V8 302 from North America


Nothing really, the windshield wipers do chatter on the glass when there is not a lot of water on the windshield. Also the wiper control in the truck takes a bit of playing with to get it set on lower speeds.

Other than this, the truck does not have any real issues.

General Comments:

I bought this truck from a guy that blew the water pump in it. Once I had the truck at my place, I put on a new water pump and thermostat.

The other guy already replaced the radiator so that was nice.

As of now I only have to replace the idler pulley (easy as pie) and that is it!

The truck runs like a dream! It does not leak fluids or lose power at all! Overall this is a super work truck!

I also have a small V6 SUV (2005) and the truck almost gets as good gas mileage as it does!

The truck is super easy to work on, and the parts are also cheap!

I have to say that this has been the best car / truck that I have ever owned!

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Review Date: 9th August, 2009

1994 Ford F150 Lightning 351 Windsor from North America


Well built!


Torque converter at 160000 miles, replaced with one that does not lock up right away... much better!!!

Also the alternator, water-pump, and idler pulley were all replaced around 160000. None of them left me stranded and were easy to replace.

The rear wheel openings rusted (as they all do) and I replaced them with a weld in patch panel. (Go with a new panel if you can find one.)

General Comments:

I have owned a lot of different vehicles over the years, and Ford were among the best. The F150 is super reliable; in 200000 miles it has never failed to bring me home, period! You can abuse this truck and it just keeps going. My truck has survived many trips to the drag strip and my everyday punishment. It can be rebuilt forever and mine will go to the grave with me!

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Review Date: 27th November, 2008

1994 Ford F150 XLT 5.0 liter V8 from North America


This thing is a money pit!


My mass airflow sensor wire was broken.

My mass airflow sensor had to be replaced.

My leaf springs snapped on driver side from only 1,200 lbs. of weight in bed.

My automatic lockouts in my hubs exploded.

My EGR valve and sensor went bad.

I've gone through 3 sets of brake pads in the last 15,000 miles.

I've replaced the axle joints in the front end.

My wheel bearings went bad around the same time the axle joints did.

I've had one Courser MSR tire blow on me driving on the highway with the suggested amount of air pressure in them.

The tilt steering pinched my overdrive button wires, causing a short that ultimately fried my integral regulator in my alternator.

My oil pan is covered in JB Weld due to rusting out.

My oil pan dipstick tube snapped off.

My horn has not worked since I've purchased the truck.

My front coil springs settled so bad that 31 inch tires would rub my air dam on the bottom of my bumper.

Both my front and rear fuel pumps went out shortly after purchase.

My front (or side if you will) fuel tank rusted straight through.

Lastly the short that caused my alternator failure has left me without transportation, because this truck has nickle and dim-ed me to death.

General Comments:

It smells like a lemon, but I haven't been able to figure out how to act on any legal actions.

I really love the way the truck performs when it's functional, but it's cost me more than any other vehicle I've ever owned, and has rendered me helpless on several occasions.

I will not suggest anyone else purchase a 1994 Ford F150 due to the endless problems that I've had with mine.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2008

14th Dec 2008, 23:11

I own the same truck same year, it has 152,000 k on it and all I need is winter tires.

The truck was well maintained and I have not had to do anything to it since I bought the thing; I've owned it for over 2 years.

11th Apr 2009, 02:34

It is possible that the truck was abused badly and had no maintenance prior to you purchasing it. These Ford trucks with the 5.0 V8's are practically bullet proof. Mine has 210,000. It runs and drives like new. No rattles, no vibrations, drives straight, and the A/C is still ice cold in this Arizona desert. 115 degree days and my engine temp gauge doesn't even go halfway. Always check the vehicle before buying! Always stay on top of general maintenance too.

13th Aug 2009, 00:31

I'm not a fan of Ford's myself, however, you can't claim that a 14-year old vehicle that you bought with 150,000 miles is a lemon. Chances are, it was poorly maintained.

18th Nov 2009, 09:23

Mine runs with no problems at all. I just need tires, and it has over 200k miles on it. I'd suggest it as a good truck.

7th Feb 2010, 03:03

You bought a 14-year-old truck and are trying to get it branded as a lemon? Good luck, dude! Ford's just gonna laugh at you, especially since it sounds like a previous owner beat it senseless. Check your next truck more carefully, and if you want a real piece of crap, buy a Dodge with an automatic.