8th Jan 2004, 19:43

Hey Greg, sorry it took so long. The Ford 302 does not have a lot of power, but it can last forever. That is why I got it. It labors with a real heavy load, but it is hard to kill. I have seen these engines ping and detonate to well over 200,000 miles. It is not unusual for someone to run nitrous or a blower on one of these motors with over 100,000 miles. With a roller cam they're even better. Beware though, it is all, but impossible to keep the pan from leaking. Supposedly Fel Pro has a new gasket to help in this. It may take longer to get to where you are going, bet this little engine will last!

31st Jan 2005, 14:58

Hey, I live in southern Ontario and I drive a 1993 Ford F-150 4x4. It is the first truck I have bought and it has 296,000km and it runs like a dream. like you said the knocking was the distributor cap. Now theres no noises and runs awesome. After driving this truck I will stick with the 1992-1996 ford 4x4 truck. In fact I am looking to buy another to make a off-road truck because they last long and look awesome.

26th Apr 2005, 15:48

I have owned a 1993 f150 xlt 5.0liter for 4yrs. It is pushing 180,000 miles and still strong. It does ping with low rpm's on acceleration. It gets fair mpg with cruise on long drives. One of the better trucks I have owned.

7th Jun 2005, 16:20

I have 1993 F150 with a 5.0. To solve the pining problem in my truck I Put in Bosch platinum 4 plugs and Accel super stock wires 8mm. it stopped the ping in my truck and its never driven better the gas mileage increased to 17mpg in town and 25mpg on hwy.

18th Mar 2009, 21:14

For ping, it's possible that the brand of gas you're using, try a different station like Chevron, they have good gas.

Also check the timing doesn't go over 12 degrees or below 10 degrees.

I was told by a mechanic not to use other kind of spark plugs, but original or any that's copper. Platinum and such don't spark better than copper and will burn more gas, but that's what I was told only.

These 5.0 trucks are great, and I hear the 6 inline is better even than the V8 in reliability, and can haul just the same as the 302, because they have the same torque power, which is I believe 275 to 280.

28th Mar 2009, 23:39

On my 1989 F150 302, cleaning the EGR valve stopped the pinging (I took it off & sprayed carb cleaner in & let it soak for a bit).