1993 Ford F150 XLT Flareside 300 six from North America


300 six is the longest lasting motor Ford makes!


Freeze plugs rusted through.

Heater core rusted through.

Fuel tank switch stopped working.

Alternator failed.

Impossible to change lower curb light bulb.

Seats (driver side) starting to wear.

Floor mat has rubbed through to floor.

AC deflectors have come apart.

General Comments:

Keep your anti-freeze clean and you won't have to pay the dealer $2300 to change rusted freeze plugs.

Fuel tank switch is covered by a recall.

Overall, has been a reliable vehicle.

They could have made the AC vents less flimsy.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2003

18th Mar 2009, 21:26

2.300 for freeze plugs? Man they burned you mean. That's not a hard job and plugs are cheap. Anyway, the 6 inline is a good truck, has the torque to work, just doesn't have take off. It feels like you're driving on sand, but it's OK.

Ford should have put more horse power on the motor to make the truck feel quicker. The motor only comes with 145 hp, but torque is strong at 275, just like the 302 trucks, so that means it can haul the same.

The look to me is way better than these new trucks. The newer trucks look bland and boring to me, specially the ones that look like the Expeditions.

1993 Ford F150 XLT 5.0 gas from North America


The best, most reliable trucks period!


It pings under light load and it runs a little warm with a load.

The transfer case needs to be resealed.

General Comments:

I love the 92' to 98' trucks and apparently so do a lot of others as people continually offer me money for it and tell me how great theirs were. I bought it because I had a 2000 Ranger that had a motor knock and a bad tranny and Ford would not fix it! Ford service has gotten really bad so beware! Consider the 92' to 98' trucks, my last one went 240,000 miles and still ran great! I think these were the best truck ever made and I am a Chevy tech. It seems as though Ford quality is either really good or really bad. These trucks were made when it was really good. If yours pings check the distributor as it can pick up engine vibration and send the timing up. If anyone else has had this problem and cured it let me know what you did to fix it!

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Review Date: 1st September, 2003

5th Dec 2003, 21:17

Hey Steven, How was the power in this 1993 Ford Truck? I am looking at buying one with a 302 V-8 engine and automatic transmission, but it does not have the "push you into the seat feel" when you punch the gas, is it suppose to? It is also a 4x4. Thanks for your answer. Greg.

1993 Ford F150 XLT 351 V8 from North America


Very dependable truck!


Brakes have had to be changed on numerous occasions.

Seats have started to wear.

Second gas tank has not worked since I've owned it, but I have been told that it would be easy to fix.

Gas fumes were leaking into the cab, but that was taken care of quickly.

General Comments:

This truck is very reliable, and it drives great.

I love the way it sits as high as most 4X4 today (it is only 2 wheel drive).

I can seat as many people as I could in my Cavalier and more comfortably.

I love this truck!

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

1993 Ford F150 XLT 4.9L 300 i6 from North America


Lotta power for a little engine


A minor oil leak, but got the oil pan caulked up and doesn't leak or burn a single drop.

Will have to replace clutch soon, but it is factory and three people have learned to drive a manual on it.

U-joints had to be replaced.

Just other minor, usual things needed to be done to it.

General Comments:

I bought this truck from my dad and it has been the most reliable truck he has ever owned.

The torque on this truck is pretty good considering it only has a 6 cylinder.

My buddy has a 300 i6 in his truck and it has 350,000 miles on it and the only thing needed to be replaced was the water pump.

Very strong truck, highly recommended.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2003

13th May 2006, 00:36

I don't think of a 4.9/300ci as a "little engine" but what the heck. Seems to have a nice shot of low end torque, appropriate for a truck.