1993 Ford F150 XLT 5.0 from North America


It's a true truck


Replaced the engine at 67000 miles. Replaced the tranny at about 140000 miles. Replaced the transfer case at about 160000 miles. Sounds like the front u-joints are going out. Have had to replace the front brake pads numerous times. Also the water pump, and starter. Replaced the front hubs. Put on the nice Warns instead of the plastic ones. Before too long, I'll have a new truck again.

General Comments:

Even though I've had plenty of trouble with it, it's still my truck, and I'm taking it to the grave. I love driving it.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2004

14th Oct 2009, 19:51

I got my F-150 in 2003 passed down from my grandfather. Although the truck's body was in pretty rough shape, my dad convinced me to paint it and fix it up a bit when it had about 235,000 kms on it.

When tearing it down, there seemed to be more rust than expected. I had the frame sandblasted and painted, but left the cab on it.

Replaced the both door skins, a front fender, and put another box on it from Texas, and a new tailgate. New leaf springs, shocks, brakes, tires were all done as well.

The motor ran strong and the auto tranny was replaced with a lower mileage one by my grandfather. Little did I know the motor was going to blow up in less than two years after restoring the body (faulty factory engineering design with excessive oil being re-routed to cylinder #7 instead of all 8). I was now faced with no option than to install a new 302 with all the $ I had sunk in it.

My truck is completely brand new asides from the interior now and have added some accessories like: tonneau cover, tinted windows and air horns.

The stock 302 isn't the easiest on fuel either as I was only getting 13 MPG city and 18 MPG hiway. After installing a K&N intake, throttle body spacer, shorty headers and dual Magnaflow mufflers I am now getting 17 MPG city and 24 MPG highway if I'm easy on it, not to mention a sufficient increase in Hp.

Although I sunk a lot of money into my truck, I have to say I really love my truck and want to keep it forever! I can't count how many head turns and comments on how good looks I get now. It certainly stands out from the rest of the newer cars/trucks on the road today, and will take a lot to get me to part with it now.

1993 Ford F150 XL 300 6 cylinder from North America


Best truck I have ever owned!


Lower ball joints replaced 125000.

Starter rebuilt 137000.

Alternator rebuilt 150000.

General Comments:

This truck is absolutely awesome! I have driven this truck to hell and back and it has stood up to everything I have put it through. The ball joint went out from my own lack of greasing them.

The only thing I wish was better is that it had lower rear-end gears for better towing, but other than that I love it!

Rides nice and plenty of room.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2004

1993 Ford F150 XL 4.9 from North America


A cheap no nonsense dependable hauling machine. I've grown very attached to this truck


Up to 100,000 only minor normal wear items serviced. eg.. brakes, plugs, hoses, thermostat, antifreeze, oil changes etc... Total cost $700 to $800 or so. All serviced myself (DIY).

Wiper washer stopped working at 110,000. Needed new wiper motor : Cost $46.00 DIY.

Torque converter replaced at 140,000. Cost $320.00.

Radiator replaced at 145,000. Cost $180 DIY.

Starter replaced at 146,000. Oil pan gasket leaked onto it causing it to fail. Cost $120. DIY.

Oil pan gasket replaced at 147,000. Cost $120.

Radius arm bushings replaced at 155,000. Cost $220.

Alternator failed at 185,000. Cost $85 DIY.

Rear leaf spring brackets rusted through at 190,000. Cost $500 by Ford dealer (huge ripoff)

Thermostat housing and water nipple replaced at 194,000 Cost $68.

EGR valve needs to be replaced. Its making a rattling sound when I step on the gas. Estimated cost, about $100.

General Comments:

Overall a decent truck. Trouble free up to 100,000 miles, but many problems started thereafter. Most I was able to service myself, but too often the parts were not available at Autozone or other parts places so they had to be ordered from Ford at ripoff rates. The biggest problem with such a high mileage, old truck is parts failing due to rust. Many stuck rusted bolts requiring a professional to remove.

Have had a persistant pinging problem that started at 20,000 miles. Many wasted trips to the Ford dealer under warranty, including many hours spent in the dealership waiting rooms for this one problem. Especially annoying because each time the Ford dealer claimed it was fixed, only for the ping to show up as I was driving out of the dealership (don't they test drive these things). Up to now, the pinging has never been fixed.

Fuel mileage is terrible. I get about 14 city, 18 highway. My old 1978 F150 gets 17 city, 23 highway. Apparantly fuel injection doesn't make these trucks any more efficient.

Road manners are very good for a truck this size. It brakes in a straight line and corners with minimal body lean. The tight turn radius is very handy when negotiating parking lots and other tight spaces.

Engine is a little underpowered for serious towing, but it gets the job done.

The Vinyl bench seat is very comfortable and driving positiong is superb with a very clear view of the road.

Road noise is fairly well muffled, but the engine can get a little loud at higher RPMs. Not really a problem because the engine pulls well at lower RPMs.

Overall this F150 has served me well. I can recommend an F150 of this vintage only if you are capable of doing repairs yourself. After 120,000 things will go wrong left right and centre. This will prove to be too much of an expense for those who are not mechanically inclined.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2003