19th Oct 2005, 18:24

Amen to that. Get a Chilton's or Hayes manual and do the work yourself! Even someone with VERY modest mechanical skills can't go wrong with the pictures and step by step, detailed instructions they provide. Spark plugs and wires plus two fuel injectors from a discount parts store would cost MAYBE $250 and a couple hours of your time. I don't know about the clutch and slave cylinder, that might have to be handled by a shop unless you're pretty comfortable with your abilities, but most simple things (that don't involve getting into the engine that much) can be done on your own! I totally agree with the previous comment; I've saved hundreds of dollars doing the work myself. Good luck, and stay away from the damn dealership service department *cough cough RIPOFF cough cough*!

4th Jan 2006, 15:40

I have a solution to fix all of your problems. BUY A GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCT! GM trucks sound good, run good, look good, and are cheap to own!

4th Jan 2006, 20:41

General motors only makes semi decent trucks and that's about it. But why put down a 1998 ford product. I like the new fords looks to the chevys. Chevy looks the same after so many years... so stale.


The first two years of the new 1997 f150 model were plagued by defective ball joints and electrics. I think some of that was recalled. And I agree with the two other guys, do the electrics your self its not that hard.

But the clutch, you must not know how to drive a manual for it to go out so soon or you abuse it. Throw out bearings are supposed to go out and if you abuse the clutch then of course some components are going to be fried. So its probably your fault.

14th Aug 2010, 20:01

I notice that you purchased the vehicle in '03, and it's a '98 model. It COULD be that the person you got the vehicle from didn't take good care of it before you got it, and that's why you had so many problems with it. Believe me, I understand, having traded a '95 F-150 that never gave me a moment's trouble for the '98XLT I have now. I've put ~$2k into this one, just doing maintenance and repairing things the previous owner didn't. Now, though, I have a pretty good truck. All vehicles require basic maintenance, and if it's not done, you can't really blame the vehicle so much as its previous owner.

9th Nov 2010, 13:56

Alright, first off, if you have the 4.6l, the engine begins to miss on the passenger side plugs because that is where you put your oil, and there is also an antifreeze hose sitting on top of the fourth cylinder that occasionally leaks. All you have to do to fix this problem is get qtips to clean them out (and it wouldn't be a bad idea to do do all eight either). Also, make sure you have an air compressor to put in the cylinder to blow it all out (with spark plug still in) and only use Motorcraft on the Triton engines. Anything else will blow out of the head!