1998 Ford F150 XLT 4.6 Triton V8 from North America


Nice to own a "head-turner" again.


Nothing has gone wrong, yet. I have only had my Ford for 2 weeks. I did some research on full-sized trucks when I decided to move up from a mid-size, and the F-150 had the best for customer satisfaction. The power mirror switch doesn't work in 1 direction, but I can live with that. I would have thought that a 1998 would come with a CD player instead of a tape deck. Seats are a little uncomfortable on long drives.

General Comments:

I find the ride a bit "bouncy", but my truck is 4 wheel drive, and is the short box version, so I expect that. It feels like a very solid truck despite all the plastic in the interior. No rattles or squeaks. I love having a V8, especially since my last truck was a V6. The extra power will come in handy for towing our 23 foot trailer. Looks and runs great. This truck is a head-turner.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

30th Aug 2008, 18:30

Our 98 came with the tape deck in the front and a six disc changer in the back. A little out of reach when driving but easy access from the ground. Its location will cause a skip if you slam the door though.

1998 Ford F150 XL V6 4.2L from North America


Fix or repair daily


I bought this truck in Dec 03 and have nothing but problems.

Check Engine light came on at 75,000 miles, I had to change plugs and wires, not covered under the 3,000 miles or 3 month warranty where I bought it from.

Check engine light on again at 78,000 miles, 2 fuel injectors bad. An $800.00 repair job.

At 93,000 miles slave cylinder leaking and replaced clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing another costly repair.

Check engine light on again and I'm afraid to find out what it is this time!

General Comments:

Not sure if I want another Ford product again.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

26th Nov 2004, 12:32

F-150 I got a check engine light to. I just got done with a 600 dollar ball joint repair job on my f-150 1998.

A head turner, my head turns when I see the repair bill!

"i am out of here."

14th Sep 2005, 14:53

I have a 1997 F-150 with the Off Road Package. I have 145,000 miles on this truck. It has been off road many times and has hauled up to 1.5 tons of gravel on occasion along with heavy loads of soil and mulch. I keep the oil changed, the fuel filter, and the K&N air filter clean. At 80,000 miles I replaced the spark plugs and wires. The brakes have only been replaced once, and only the front ones. At 130,000 miles I replaced the heater core and at 140,000 miles. I rebuilt the rearend including all bearing, seals, and gears. Given that the truck was purchased with 23,000 miles on it I did not have to make any major repairs until almost 2 years after it was paid for. I love my truck and I am glad to be replacing the upper ball joints for the first time at 145,000 miles. I hope to get the same service out of my 2004 Expedition. I have made all the repairs to my truck and have saved over $4,000 dollars and the headaches associated with incompetent mechanics.

1998 Ford F150 XLT Supercab 4x4 5.0 V8 from North America


Just what a truck should be


In my ownership, nothing mechanical.

The speedometer reads 10% low at all speeds, on the stock wheels and tires. The odometer similarly reads low.

General Comments:

This is my third used F150. My first was a beat-to-heck '84 with a six. My second was a low mileage, but absolutely bottom-of-the-line 1990, again with the six.

I bought my '98 with 45,000 miles on it, and now have 63,000 (though see above) on it. It's a very comfortable truck, though the ride is fairly bouncy. The previous owner used it exclusively for hauling his very large boat, and so the truck has helper springs as well as airbags in the rear, which may account for it.

Though I scoffed originally at a "super-cab", the rear space is very useful. The '98 has a single rear door, on the passenger side. I also have a full-size bed, so this thing is a bit of a monster, length-wise. But for me having a pickup with anything less than an 8-foot bed is pointless, I haul too much stuff around.

I demolished a parked Saturn with it--accidentally! Just caught the front bumper of it with my "side bar" step (whatever they're called) as I was hurredly trying to park. Tore the entire front off the car, just scratched the paint a bit on this machine!

I'm looking forward to 2007, when I can buy an '04 with about the same number of miles on it.

I like the XLT level of trim, though I would like the option of rubber mats on the floor instead of carpet. If you seriously use your truck, the carpet basically becomes a cleaning pad for the soles of your boots, not a pretty picture at the dump or in the barn.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2004

13th Aug 2004, 09:21

The comment about demolishing the Saturn gave me a real belly laugh. I accidently did that once with my 85 chevy truck to a German car. Thanks... I needed that!