8th Jan 2006, 21:39

I hate to tell you this... but it's a full size V8 truck. You aren't going to get very good gas mileage out of it. You can make little improvements like installing an aftermarket intake (which really helped me... about a 10% mileage increase, actually), but you aren't going to get above 18 or 19 mpg, maximum. As for the doors...I've had no such issues that I can notice, but I'm sure that a few squeak off the assembly line without being "perfect"...quality control isn't without its flaws, obviously.

1st Sep 2006, 04:31

Yeah Bud, I'm well aware that it's a V-8. However, for only having 260 hp, the fuel mileage wasn't very impressive. I now have a Ram w/the Hemi, (that has 85 more hp than my F-150 did), and the fuel mileage is far more impressive than the Ford. (and they both have the same gear ratios, and similar drivetrain). And @ my business, we have an 03 F-150 Supercab, that has the same problem with the suicide doors shifting, so evidently you aren't looking too hard for serious flaws. We also have a 97 Ram Club Cab (w/suicide doors, like the F-150), and those doors are much more tighter & solid than the Ford is. (And this truck was built 10 years ago). Do some insurance & government safety research, and find out why Ford redesigned the F-150 in 2004...It's because in offset crash tests, (of 35-45 mph) the upper-front of the suicide doors were hitting the crash dummies in the back of the head, and computer data from the test dummies said death was "very likely". This was all over various news stations in late 2002. Hmmm, and 2 years later, it's redesigned from the ground up. Think there is a connection there?

9th Oct 2006, 03:11

To the last poster, Ford did not offer the FX4 package until 2002, and dodge did not offer a Hemi in the Ram until 2003.

13th Oct 2006, 18:31

To the Oct 8 poster: The guy who wrote about Ford redesigning the F-150 was correct. The previous model (1995-2003) was redesigned, mainly because the media started all the hype about offset crash tests. In late 2002, when the press (mainly NBC), released the bad test data & videos, Ford scrambled their prototype F-150, to have a new model out sooner than originally planned. Yes, they were planning a new model to be unveiled, but due to the press coverage, Ford accelerated their work on the new model. They didn't want another incident such as "tiregate", in the late 90's with the Explorers. (And I don't care what you heard, I've been a General Manager at a Ford dealership for the past 12 years. Our inventory is over $30 million. So I think I'm qualified enough to explain)...

30th May 2007, 14:11

If you buy a truck with a big V8, you're going to get a gas guzzler. If fuel economy is a concern, get a car.

28th May 2008, 00:06

To the Ford General Manager (for 12 years) you have your model years messed up. Ford's F-150 style went from 1992-1996, then changed styles in 1997-2003. The current body style is from 2004-present. A body style change is planned for 2009. the F-150 will resemble the F-250 & 350...just FYI... from a bored Police Officer.. (former auto-dealer service advisor for 17yrs)