1979 Ford F250 Ranger 460 from F.Y.R.O. Macedonia


Good old truck


Nothing. Does anybody knows how to put 4 wheel disk brakes on the truck? What do I need to do?

General Comments:

I have just bought a 1979 Ford F250 2 wheel drive, With a 460, automatic. It's a gas machine, but runs like a champ.

It's supercab long box, and it has 94000 original miles.

I just raced a 99 F-150 with the 5.4 in it, and I smoked it. Reminder to all of you, my truck is complete stock.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2010

1979 Ford F250 Custom 2WD 400 modified from North America


Truly a tough Ford


This truck was a cement contractors truck. The bed was rusted away by the time I got it.

Bed was replaced with a home made flat bed made of angle iron and sheet metal.

The 400 V8 was starting to use a little oil, so I had the engine rebuilt and hopped up.

The cab and doors haven't aged well... a lot of surface rust, but with less than 1k on the rebuild, it's hard to beat.

General Comments:

Fast stock, and faster now.

I once lit the rear tires up for a full block in Chicago, before the engine was hopped up, and it was still spinning when I let up.

But I don't think I ever got better than 9 mpg with the thing.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2009

12th Sep 2009, 17:54

You spun the tires on a pickup with no bed on it?

Wow, that's impressive alright.

29th Dec 2009, 15:22

No it was a flat bed at the time, and there was probably 900 pounds of snow plow and hydraulics in the bed... My 88 Ranger lit the rear tires up with no bed on it, so I see the sarcasm pal...

29th Dec 2009, 15:44

The block was a little suburb street that was about 200 yards long...

4th Nov 2010, 22:51

Update on the truck. It's now in a running state again with a new carb and headers. Still runs as strong as ever, and lights the rears up with ease.

As far as the above comment goes, it was in 1988 when the bed was still on it, and I was getting a plow for my new at the time Chevy. It was on 12-15 retreaded snow tires in the back too, so yes it does have some power to it.

1979 Ford F250 Custom 460 CID from North America


Good tow vehicle, also handles better than newer Ford pickups I have owned


Lets see might be easier to list what has not gone wrong.

Every piece of the rear breaks including the EM cables.


Carburetor (twice and counting).

King pins (sort of).

Heater core.

Door seals.

Windshield wiper motor.

Many other things.

General Comments:

I purchased this truck knowing it had been badly neglected for years. That said, I got into more expense than expected and am up over 3 grand in repairs now to get the truck on the road.

The power train had been re-built about 70K miles ago on the truck, and is one reason I purchased it, and overall the power train has not been too bad.

Truck is perfect for pulling or hauling heavy loads, it is pretty much impossible to get enough weight on the truck for it to even notice so far as performance goes, truck has over load springs so...

Biggest most annoying problem I have at this point is leaky door seals, which make the truck very (I mean very very) loud at highway speeds, replacements are available from JCWhitney and are on the list.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2009

1979 Ford F250 Trailor special 460ci V8 from North America


Its great


Since I've had the truck I've been through a new starter,starter solenoid, battery, battery cables, voltage regulator and a new alternator.

General Comments:

The truck is a trailer special which was a limited run in 79 it has a factory heavy duty suspension transmission cooler in tank oil cooler outboard auxiliary oil cooler 4.11-1 rear end automatic c-6 transmission.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002

26th Jul 2012, 13:04

The trailer special was more than just 79... My 77 is a trailer special.

1979 Ford F250 Custom 5.8L 351w from North America


Tough reliable work truck


Seats worn.

Exhaust leak when I got the truck.

General Comments:

I bought this truck because I needed a truck to haul siding and other construction materials. This truck does an excellent job, whether it's siding being carried in the box, or towing the trailer, this truck performs very nicely.

The truck would be better with air conditioning.

The truck is fairly easy on gas.

The C6 transmission with the Dana60 rear-end makes one very impressive pulling combo.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2001

11th Oct 2005, 18:53

I love my F250. The 398 gear ratio is a little low, but the truck is awesome with the 351 Windsor. It does eat gas like it is free, but all in all the truck is easy to repair. I have put a whole new interior in it and I wouldn't get rid of it.

23rd May 2015, 10:02

I have a '70 F250 Camper Special, it's a green and mean machine. 62k, my Gramps olde farm truck... God Bless - just been barn saved!!