1989 Ford F250 Custom 5.0L V-8 from North America


The only vehicle I would trust in a zombie apocalypse


Exhaust manifolds.

Various little things due to age.

Rear differential finally showing signs of retiring; will replace soon.

Will be replacing all gaskets/hoses (valve covers and above) and exhaust system at the 200,000 mile mark as preventative maintenance.

General Comments:

The car was purchased new in 1989 by my cousin, who immediately put a 1,500lb capacity lift gate on it. It was then used vigorously for almost two decades before I got a hold of it.

It's been used since then far more vigorously, and keeps asking for more.

Gets 21 MPG on the highway, while still having plenty of hot-rod like power (being a Mustang derived 5.0L engine). Tows surprisingly well too for the engine size.

Drives great around town and on the freeway.

Unstoppable off-road, (it is a 2WD). Completely stock suspension, but still makes it farther than some Jeeps on Jeep trails; go figure.

Hauls a 2,000lb cabover camper and 2,000lb trailer/dirt bikes regularly through the Mojave Desert, usually about an hour's drive off-road on light trails.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2013

1989 Ford F250 XLT Lariat 460 from North America


Powerful, reliable. Record-breaking gas consumption


Replaced the front caliper floater pins after driver's side got stuck.

Replaced the alternator.

Passenger's side power window gear is gone.

Both exhaust manifolds warped and cracked their bolts.

General Comments:

I bought this truck with ridiculously low miles last year.

The above items were mostly caused from age and sitting outside; i.e. the alternator threw a bearing (old), the plastic power window gears got brittle from the Northern Cali valley heat, the caliper pins were rusted. 460's are known to warp exhaust manifolds all the time, so no surprise there.

Bottom line? This truck is a behemoth workhorse. It has never left me stranded. I've taken it across country twice towing a 5th wheel trailer. I have no doubt the 460/C6 automatic combination could pull a house off its foundation.

However all that power comes at a price: towing you're going to get 8-10MPG. Well, actually, NOT towing you get 8-10 MPG. So you might as well tow a 40' trailer, all the time because you're going to get 8-10MPG anyway.

They don't build 'em like this any more. This truck's chassis and powertrain was built to go 300,000 miles and tow 18,000 lbs. the whole while. Too bad gas still isn't $0.89 per gallon.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2010

2nd Apr 2011, 06:53

I had a 460 in a 1986 Ford 3/4 van and I got 8 MPG one time YAHOO!

Boy did that van drink fuel, but it towed great.

Just keep the RPMs low.

When high RPMs are used, like passing, the 460 has a problem with blowing the frost plug out behind the starter... must be a heck of a water pump impeller on those, I've done that on 3 Lincoln Town Cars with the 460. Yahoo, that's fun too!

1989 Ford F250 XLT 460 from North America




Exhaust manifold gaskets (very common with the 460)

Alternator, starter, heater core, door locks -- no surprise with a vehicle of this age/kilometres.

General Comments:

This is a very tough and reliable, but thirsty truck.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2007

1989 Ford F250 from North America


The only thing that has gone wrong is that the motor blew up at around 250,000 miles.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2005

24th Aug 2007, 22:55

Was that really the only problem? Saweet!

12th Jun 2009, 18:19

We have an 1989 F-250 5 speed. The original motor was replaced with a rebuilt 460 at around 50000 miles and it now has 363,000 and is still going, though it need the rear end redone/replaced.

12th Oct 2010, 01:15

I just crashed my 1989 F250 XLT 4X4 7.3. It only had 150,000 original miles. I need to know how much it's worth B.C.Canada for insurance. It is regularly maintained and has no rust anywhere.

1989 Ford F250 Lariat 460 from North America


The best vehicle I have ever owned!!


The air conditioning did not work when purchased. The Steering linkage was worn out, and it had to be replaced at 135000 miles. Driver side power window gears had to be replaced at 135000 miles. Transmission failed at 140000 miles (likely the result of overworking the truck by previous owner). I am sure many other minor problems will occur with a vehicle this old and with the way I work the poor thing.

General Comments:

A real workhorse! It's a real rough rider, but always comes through. Ground clearance for a truck like this should be much better, (no skid plates, exhaust system too low). Never runs out of power even at timberline.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2004

24th Jun 2004, 20:49

I have had my 89 F250 since 42,000. I now have 152,000. I towed a 5th wheel one summer 3500 miles. Good truck. Original transmission. Have replaced master cylinder twice, alternator twice, air conditioning overhaul once. Had long term problems with missing cylinders on hills. Recently had cylinder heads replaced due to cracking and warping. No major work on transmission; a little tired, but works like a champ.