1992 Ford F250 XLT Supercab 7.5 liter or 460 CID from North America


Lots of rust. Fenders rocker panels, rear wheel arches.

Electrical problems like low output from alternator (it still passes the test at the parts store, but only 51 amps).

Windshield washer pump failed, old switch and wires only supply 9.4 volts to aftermarket pump.

Battery drains down over night, but I added a quick disconnect to prevent this without spending a fortune on new wiring harness and other parts.

Passenger power window wouldn't work, but I fixed it myself.

Power door lock doesn't work.

Back seat is jammed and I can't fold it up.

General Comments:

The big 460 makes 400 ft lbs @ 2200 RPM, and when you rev the engine the whole truck shakes. It will cruise around town between idle and 1500 RPM, but guzzles gas at a rate of 8 MPG. The engine runs out of steam before 3000 RPM (like a NA diesel), and highway mileage is 12 to 14 MPG depending on speed and load.

I thought parts would be cheaper and easier to find, but that's not the case for fuel injected 7.5 L Fords. They changed the engine so much that parts do not interchange with different years of manufacture (92 is the worst year as some parts are different on engines made after April like mine).

The fuel injection makes a huge difference on drivability, as there are no problems starting on really hot or cold days, and it won't stall like earlier carbureted engines.

The 4 speed automatic transmission works great, and the overdrive switch on the shifter comes in handy on hills (it's a big improvement over the AOD trannsmissions that could only be shifted down into second instead of third). I don't have to ride the brakes like other drivers down all the long steep hills in my home town.

The rear ABS brakes work well enough.

Without 4 wheel drive or a locking rear end, the truck doesn't do well in the slippery stuff. There's no aftermarket lockers for the Ford 10.5 inch 12 bolt, unlike the earlier 9 inch or Dana 60 rear ends.

All in all, with prices so low on 1997 and newer models right now, I would suggest you buy a newer F series truck for daily use (5.4 L or diesel as the 4.6 L is weak and the V6 blows head gaskets). And leave these older trucks for occasional use, or as beaters or farm trucks.

I used mine daily for a few months, then only for hauling stuff and it has been just sitting in my driveway for the last year and a half. Gas prices are the main reason I don't drive it. Living downtown it's cheaper to take a bus or cab than pay for gas, insurance and parking. I like mine enough (and I could really use it right now) that I'm going to fix it up. But it would make more sense to buy a newer truck as they've made so many improvements over these older trucks.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2009

1992 Ford F250 XLT 7.3 liter idi from North America


This is the best pickup I've ever owned!


Rotors and pads worn-out, had to replace.

Window motor burned out at 217,000.

Transmission slipping at 220,000.

Vacuum pump went bad at 219,000.

Leaking break booster at 217,000.

Had to replace vacuum belt and alternator belt at 215,000.

Head rest rattles, along with the passenger seat.

General Comments:

Truck runs and starts great in all kinds of weather.

Sure parts have worn-out, but that is expected with a truck over 200,000.

I love this truck and have put a deal of stress on it by farming and hauling trailers, along with stop and go driving in dirty conditions.

My only major concern is the e4od transmission. Under load the transmission slips. We have replaced three of them on our other Ford trucks. However our one Chevy has been replaced twice.

The truck is naturally aspirated with a K&N filter on it.

I install a Wix standard filter on it during the summer months, because of the extremely dirty conditions.

Overall I am impressed with the truck, and how the 7.3L performs when under the gun.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2009

24th Oct 2011, 16:29

How about a 1992 Ford F250 7.3 L with 396,038 miles, hauling 5.2 tons of roofing shingles on a dovetail trailer with a combined weight of 18,320 lbs when weighed on the scale. This is a sturdy dependable truck; would not trade it for a new Ford truck.

28th Jan 2013, 02:48

I don't see how you can base this off a truck that had such high miles.

I own a 1995 F250 with 140k miles on it. I keep up with oil changes (10w-40). I get about 14 MPG city, and close to 19 on the highway on an empty load.

I just redid my clutch plate, fly wheel and pressure plate, but that's only because my throwout bearing broke on a hill climb.

Just because you bought a sour truck from a guy who probably didn't take care of it, don't give it a bad review. Anything is going to break in a car/truck at 200k+ miles LOL, I don't care what you own.

I love my truck. It does everything I need, plus a ton more. I suggest you rethink your review about the big 460 Fords.